2) Create

Create is the second of the 4Cs: the core Fierce Kindness philosophy to help us lead a fulfilling life.

It’s about actively creating the life you want, while also learning to love the life you already have.

CREATE - One of Fierce Kindness' 4Cs

2) CREATE a life you love

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If you can look at your life and think “I should be happy” but instead you’re often stressed, overwhelmed or life falls flat in some way, Create may be for you.

Create a life you love has two elements:

  1. Actively create the life you want—envision, set goals and take action. This includes your habits, health, career and more!
  2. Appreciate the life you have! More than working towards having the perfect circumstances in our life, Create is also about learning to love the life you already have!

When we love our life we operate in the world from a place of strength.This gives us an inner source of energy and helps us feel like we can achieve anything!

The Big Takeaway

Create is not just about setting goals that change our outer circumstances, it’s also about working on our thoughts and beliefs and learning to see and appreciate our life in new ways…

What CREATING a life you love looks like

You wake up with a smile on your face: you love your life! You know it’s imperfect, but you’ve built your life around what really matters to you.

You feel empowered, knowing that (with time and effort) you can (re)create your life as you need to. You’re working towards some bigger goals, as well as having smaller things to look forward to.

You can easily identify several things in your life that you’re truly grateful for right now, and this helps you appreciate life even on the not so good days.

Core Practices for CREATE


INSTANT THANKFULNESS: Count off 5 things on your fingers (one hand) that you’re grateful for.

Learn more and get a tool to help with this super-easy 5 Finger Gratitude Exercise and Ritual!


VISIONING: To create a life you love, you need to have a picture—or vision—of what that life would look like. One great practice is to create a Vision Board.

GOAL-SETTING: Setting goals helps us take specific actions that move us toward our vision. Sign-up for our newsletter and get a fab worksheet to Set Your Annual Goals here.


GRATITUDE: The feeling of gratitude can’t be forced, but we create habits and approach life from a place of thankfulness and appreciation for what we already have.

By creating a practice of gratitude, we create the ideal conditions for genuine gratitude to arise.

Here are some tips on how to start a gratitude journaling practice.


Do something small DAILY that brings you joy. For great ideas complete What Makes My Heart Sing?

Now, Get Started!

Choose one action you’ll do in the next week to begin to create a life you love.

What Next?Fierce Kindness Logo

You’ve just learned about:

  1. C – CONNECT: Connect to yourself, others—and something bigger than yourself.
  2. C – CREATE a life you love and learn to love the life you already have…

Coming up next:

  1. C – CONTRIBUTE. Do something (however small) to make a difference.
  2. C – CHOOSE (Fierce) Kindness always—which sits underneath everything we do.

Do you want a life of meaning? Are you willing to commit to yourself? To help make our world a better place? Well, these 4 Cs are at the heart of Fierce Kindness. I am always working towards them, and I hope you will too.