How to Create “Life Vision” Board!

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Right now, because of the COVID crisis, we have all been forced to step back from our regular lives. This distance from our regular lives (with all the associated commitments and responsibilities), gives us an opportunity to notice what is not working in ‘ordinary’ life. We can begin to think about how we want life to be different.

But to make changes in our life, we must have a direction to go in; we must know what we want. And that means we need to connect more deeply to our self. A Vision Board is a great way to to do just that – especially to connect to our deeper yearnings and dreams.

This exercise will help you integrate your learnings from your experiences under lockdown – into your life going forwards. Use this “How to” article to help you create a Vision Board and create a new vision of your life.

But First, What is a Vision Board?

A Vision Board is simply a collective name for an inspirational map or collage that we create from pictures and words. It’s a visual representation of the inner workings of our minds – and a powerful way to connect deeply with our subconscious. Your Vision Board is intended to connect you to deep yearnings and needs, wishes, dreams, hopes – and open up new possibilities.

Lucia Capacchione says that, “In Visioning we are reshaping the images in our heads to catch up with the vision in our hearts.”

4 Easy Steps to Create Your “Life Vision” Board

STEP 1) Cut out images and words that ‘speak to you’

Start flicking through magazines and cut out anything that inspires or grabs your attention until you have a pile of pictures to work with. Then you get to see what unfolds!

Some great magazines to use are the Oprah magazine and similar (great for inspiring catchphrases), National Geographic and travel or wildlife magazines.

IMPORTANT: It doesn’t matter how or why an image draws you in, just that it ‘pulls’ you somehow.

Questions to consider as you look through magazines include:

  • How do you want your life to FEEL?
  • What sounds do you want to HEAR? What do you want to SEE around you?
  • What do you want to be doing? What do you want to be doing differently?
  • What does your HEART want going forwards?
  • Ask, What do I REALLY want from life? What is the life I REALLY want to live and WHO do I REALLY want to be?
  • And if you find you’re drawn to something ODD or UNEXPECTED – grab it (you can ponder why later – that’s part of the fun!)
How to Create a Vision Board - Example

An Example Vision Board

STEP 2) Create Your Vision Board

  • Arrange and stick on the images on a blank piece of paper or card in an arrangement that pleases you.
  • There is no ‘right’ way to do this – all ways work.

TIP: Remember this is not about creating an artistic masterpiece but creating something that visually inspires and excites you!

STEP 3) Review your completed Vision Board

  • Take a few minutes to just look at your board. No thinking. Breathe deeply. Relax.
  • What do you feel as you look at your Vision Board?
  • Take a few more moments and allow yourself to fully feel whatever you feel (you may find you go through a few different feelings!).
    • For example, you may find your intial feelings are not as positive as you expected. You may feel sad as you realise this is not how your life is right now. If you have a strong critic you may judge yourself and feel guilt or shame. You may feel longing, or frustrated or angry – with life, others, yourself. It’s all OK.
    • Then/And/Or you may feel thrilled, excited, raring to go. You may feel curious, a sense of peace and ‘rightness’ or inspired!
  • Whatever you feel just is. Sit with it, feel it – but don’t wallow (here’s a simple process for dealing with difficult feelings if you need it).
  • Finally put your vision board somewhere you will see it often. 1

TIP: You can also journal about this experience to go even deeper!

STEP 4) Learn from your Vision Board!

I recommend you look at your Vision Board regularly, especially just before bed and see what ideas your mind can come up with while you’re asleep. You can also prop it up next to you for inspiration whenever you’re goal-setting or planning.

And here are a number of ways to explore, journal around – and learn from – your Vision Board:

  • This final step is best done a few days, or even a week or two, later – after you have “sat with it” for a while.
  • As you did in Step 3, take a few minutes to look at – and feel into – your Vision Board. Take your time. Relax into your body.
  • Now use the inspirations, images and words to do one of the following:
    • Write a poem about how you would like your life to be (no self-judgement please – just write what’s in your heart!).
    • Have a conversation with your inner self. You could start by asking, “What do you want to tell me?”
    • Write out what an ideal day would look like for you.
    • Simply describe how you feel – and what that feels like…
  • You could also choose one image that stands out to you – maybe you’re particularly drawn to it OR perhaps you have no idea why you chose it and are curious.
    • Write about that image. Start with, “Image of ________, what do you have to say to me?”

Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside awakens. Carl Jung

How to make it even more fun!

Why not get a few good friends together – virtually over Zoom – and spend a fun and inspiring evening creating your own Vision Boards? Then share them with each other at the end (and during if you like to get additional ideas and inspiration)!

Plus 7 Top Vision Boarding Tips
  1. Have FUN! You can start with a blank piece of paper and go totally free-form, or you can outline a tree/book/star shape to play with. You can also make it 3D!
  2. If you have a totem or spirit animal, look out for pictures of them. You can also build your vision board in the shape of your totem or spirit animal.
  3. To be most effective and connect your left brain (logic, analysis, words) and right brain (creativity, emotions, heart, images) your Vision Board MUST HAVE PICTURES. Yes, you can do a words-only vision board, but it won’t have the same impact.
  4. While looking for pictures, run free and dream. INCLUDE ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING that appeals or speaks to you! Don’t analyze. Stop thinking and tune into your HEART and CREATIVE right brain!
  5. Include PERSONAL AFFIRMATIONS or inspiring quotes that get you inspired about life.
  6. For maximum impact and the best results, be sure to include UNFAMILIAR and UNEXPECTED things you’re drawn to.
  7. Use COLOUR! Whether it’s coloured pens, post-it notes or coloured shapes – make it VIBRANT and exciting.


“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams; live the life you imagined.” Henry David Thoreau

But first we must imagine the life we want…

As you create your Vision Board, remember the 3 important connections we need to be happy in life:

  1. Connection to ourselves: To create the life we want, we must learn to deeply understand our selves.
  2. Connection to others: To be happy, we need to have meaningful relationships with people who matter.
  3. Connection to something bigger than ourselves: To create meaning in our lives, we need to find a way to contribute – or connect to – the wider world.
“Change the world, start with you!”


1 There are two main schools of thought about how to have success with Vision Boards:

I’ll start by saying that I’m a little biased. Because while you may achieve your vision WITHOUT taking deliberate action, if you consciously take action and get things moving it’s MUCH more likely.

However, I’ve had clients who have had great success with both methods below, so check in with yourself and see which you think will work for you. It’s your Vision Board, so how you decide to use it is entirely up to you. Here are the two main schools of thought:

1) FORGET about your Vision Board:

Put it away. You’ll find it in 5 years and things will magically have happened. This can help us remove any attachment to our vision – so we don’t FORCE things or try too hard. Also, when we put something somewhere obvious, we tend to stop seeing it after a while.

2) Put your Vision Board somewhere you will SEE IT REGULARLY:

This will remind, inspire and focus you. And this option is my personal preference – but to avoid the blahs, sit down every once in a while and really look at it. Review it and allow yourself to feel and get excited by it. As mentioned, just before sleep is a great time to do this as it allows our mind to think on it and absorb it overnight.



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