Fierce Kindness provides practical, thoughtful & lasting personal growth for people who want to make a difference

Fierce Kindness provides practical, thoughtful & lasting personal growth for people who want to make a difference

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How can you be kind and fierce?

What We Offer

Through tools, exercises, inspiring articles, and community connections we help you create a meaning-fueled life that you truly love.

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Tools and Resources

Not just quick-fixes, we also share the tools, resources and learning you need to make long-lasting, permanent, change.

Thought Leadership

Inspiration and support to help you get to know yourself deeply, and integrate compassion towards yourself and others, without compromising your innermost values.


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COMING SOON! Fierce Kindness is expanding to offer guidance and training to those looking to dive deeper into Fierce Kindness practices.


Quotes, infographics, and uplifting articles to inspire you whenever you need a boost.

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Fierce Kindness believes:

…to be happy we must be connected to ourselves, others and something bigger than ourselves.

…making a difference, however small, is an essential part of living a fulfilled life and results in big, collective impact.

…we all already have the courage we need to do the right thing, even (especially) when it’s challenging.

…taking care of ourselves is essential if we are to make a difference, and part of that means setting firm boundaries.

…the most empowering thing we can do is love and accept ourselves rather than looking outside of ourselves.

…feelings are crucial signposts. We must give ourselves permission to fully experience and learn from them.

…resilience is a learnable skill and allows us to handle whatever life throws at us.

…our inner critic can be transformed (with kindness) to become a positive force in our lives.

…above all else, be you! You have unique strengths and qualities. Celebrate you!

…in being kind no matter what. And when things get tough… add courage.

Meet Emma-Louise

Emma Louise fell in love with personal development in 2003. She’d created a life that had everything she thought she wanted but wasn’t happy inside. Thinking it would help, she quit her successful career to become a life coach and moved to a new country—but still struggled with her inner critic.

Slowly, she learned that self-kindness—along with great courage is what allows us to find peace within. The answer to managing our stress, inner critic, dissatisfaction with life or the world is not to stuff it down, ignore or override it. Instead, we must learn to be kind, yet firm with the parts of ourselves that are afraid—and also access our innate courage to make the changes that we and our world needs.

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