3) Contribute

Contribute is the third of the 4Cs: the Fierce Kindness philosophy that helps us create a better life—and world.

It’s about getting out there and consciously making a difference in the world!

CONTRIBUTE - One of Fierce Kindness' 4Cs


Woman holding Earth Yellow for CONTRIBUTE

I believe at the core of our being, we all yearn to make a difference.

So, to be happy and create a life of meaning, we must do something to make our world a better place, to consciously contribute to the kind of world we want to live in. Because the state of the world affects our well-being (how can it not?).

And I’m sure many of us are already doing more than we realise.

So first acknowledge what you’re already doing, whether it’s your work, how your raise your children, volunteering, donations or small daily actions like using reusable shopping bags or supporting local.

Beyond that, your contribution doesn’t need to be big—you just need to get started! Start small. Start now. Bigger actions can come later—if and when you find something with great meaning for you. But just get started!

The Big Takeaway

Consciously doing something (however small) to make a difference gives our lives meaning and purpose, especially when we become part of the change we wish to see.

And the key to Contribute is mentally connecting what we do—with making our world a better place. When we see that we really can—and probably already do—make a difference.

What CONTRIBUTE looks like

Man Holding Sign saying We need a change

Over and over I see people feeling empty or frustrated, wondering what the point to life (or their life) is. Many of us get caught up feeling sad and helpless about the state of the world.

But not you! Your life has meaning and purpose. You wake up knowing you make a difference.

You have consciously connected what you do—and the choices you make—with the world that you want to see. You know you’re helping make a difference to others and/or the planet (however small those actions may seem). You know these little things add up.

When you feel down, you remember the butterfly effect—that small changes can have huge impacts. You remember when a teacher, friend or stranger said or did something that changed your life. And you know that you will be (and already have been) that person for someone else.

Core Practices for CONTRIBUTE


A GENUINE SMILE: This is an instant way to make the world a better, kinder place.

Really see someone and smile right up to your eyes. It’s not always easy but remember that smiling is good for us too, releasing endorphins that can reduce our blood pressure, lower stress and boost our immune system.

So a genuine smile makes you look confident, spreads joy and boosts your health and vitality.


GREAT NEW HABITS: Here are some ideas to contribute to a better, kinder world:

  1. Get in the habit of using reusable grocery bags.
  2. Set up a small monthly donation to a charity you believe in.
  3. Use the THINK acronym1 before posting online. Share it with others.
  4. Speak up when you see something wrong (and when it’s safe to do so).

1 links to The Coaching Tools Company


CHOOSE SMALL and/or LOCAL: Whether it’s food, gifts or something else, when you support local you’re literally supporting your neighbours and helping your community stay vibrant.

Remember that small businesses don’t have the buying power of giants like Amazon or Walmart. These big companies focus on profits, and cut costs like staff wages and benefits—so we can buy more cheaply.


Nightly, as you clean your teeth, make a mental note of what you did today that made the world better.

Woman wearing yellow for CONTRIBUTE Get Started
Now, Get Started!
  • What one thing will you do to contribute?

What Next?Fierce Kindness Logo

You’ve just learned about:

  1. C – CONNECT: Connect to yourself, others—and something bigger than yourself.
  2. C – CREATE a life you love and learn to love the life you already have…
  3. C – CONTRIBUTE. Do something (however small) to make a difference.

Coming up next:

  1. C- CHOOSE (Fierce) Kindness always—which sits underneath everything we do.

Do you want a life of meaning? Are you willing to commit to yourself? To help make our world a better place? Well, these 4 Cs are at the heart of Fierce Kindness. I am always working towards them, and I hope you will too.