We help people be kinder and more courageous, take action to create a life they love, stand up and make a difference—and create a better, kinder world for all.

Our Origin Story

Deeply connecting to ourselves helps us create meaningful relationships—and a life we love.

Choosing to be kind, and contributing—doing what we can to make a difference—gives us meaning.

Together, as global corporations increase their power and influence, we must ‘be the change we wish to see in the world’.

Hi, I’m Emma-Louise.

I fell in love with personal development in 2003, after realising that the supposedly ‘successful’ career and life I’d built didn’t make me happy. Thinking it would help, I quit my career to become a life coach and moved to a new country—but still struggled to be content.

Fierce Kindness has been calling to me for over a decade now. During that time I created The Coaching Tools Company as well as serving my life coaching clients through Simplicity Life Coaching Ltd. I am wildly proud to have helped over a hundred thousand coaches expand and grow their businesses—but Fierce Kindness wouldn’t let go. In fact, it grew…

Like so many, I had a strong (and sometimes vicious) inner critic that drove me to perfection and caused anxiety and stress. And despite moving half-way around the world my critic followed me: wherever you go, there you are

Slowly, I learned that the answer to managing stress, anxiety, and the inner critic is not to stuff it down, ignore or override it. Instead I had to learn to be kind to myself. Sometimes fiercely kind.

I also began to see how, beyond using Fierce Kindness to manage our inner critic and set boundaries with others, it could be a way of being that changes the world—each of us courageously taking action to make a difference—with kindness.

We must use the same innate courage and compassion to make the changes that both we—and our world—needs.

How we help

What makes Fierce Kindness different from other personal development practices is our focus on the “bigger picture”. Rather than existing inside a bubble, Fierce Kindness is aware that the state of the world affects our wellbeing.

So: working on ourselves makes both our lives—and the world—a better place.

We also know that personal development can sometimes be vague and hard to implement. So we ensure our tools and resources are extremely practical—and do our best to make difficult-to-understand self-help concepts accessible and doable.

We believe, down to our core, that with Fierce Kindness, you are capable of both creating a life—and contributing to a world—you love.

Our Inclusion Statement

And this seems a great spot to share our inclusion statement:

Hello! Emma-Louise here. And I see you 🙂 I realise as I write this that there are so many labels both positive and negative. Let’s try this: I embrace and am excited to meet you irrespective of your skin colour, ethnicity, religion, sexual identity, preference/s, age, size, physical or mental ability, education level and country of origin. Did I miss anything? Probably. For any unique combination of humanity, I am also excited to meet you.

Me? I am a White, largely heteronormative European woman. And I am (still) a work in progress. I have learned a lot over the last few years, and still have a lot to learn. I dedicate time regularly to learning a little bit more about prejudices, biases, various “isms”—both my own and out in the world.

Here at Fierce Kindness, well we’re super-small, but we have over 6,000 readers from 140+ countries around the world.

Some of the things we do here include using a diverse range of people for our feature images for our products, articles, social media graphics and infographics. We also use quotes from a diverse range of sources. Although. if you identify as a White cisgendered male, you might not agree with that, as we are trying to re-balance by choosing more female images, especially with a variety of skin colour, age and size.

I also co-wrote a series of DEIB articles for coaches over at The Coaching Tools Company, with Abena Baiden of Positively Flourishing to help educate and encourage coaches to embrace diversity in their businesses.

Our (small) team is diverse in a number of ways including ethnicity, age, country of origin and sexual orientation. And we really appreciate the different ways of approaching the world that this brings.

Thank-you for being you. You are an awesome, fascinating human being and you belong here.

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Final tidbits

Emma-Louise completed her life coach training at The Coaching Academy in England in early 2004. Shortly after, she moved to Vancouver, Canada, and in the summer of 2005 she added the NLP Practitioner designation to her coaching repertoire at Erickson Coaching College. She is also the founder of Simplicity Life Coaching and The Coaching Tools Company. She is both a personal ICF (International Coach Federation) member and an ICF Business Solutions Partner.

For fun, Emma-Louise loves to hike, grow fruit and vegetables, make her backyard beautiful and wildlife-friendly, belongs to a writing and book group, cooks for friends, enjoys playing pool, taking photographs, and loves bumping into people she knows around town (the joy of island life!).