4) Choose

Choose is the final element of the 4Cs Fierce Kindness philosophy. And it underpins everything.

Choose is about finding a way to be kind always.

CHOOSE - One of Fierce Kindness' 4Cs

4) CHOOSE (Fierce) Kindness Always

Woman holding heart for CHOOSE

Do you battle with an inner critic? Are you often tired or worn out? Are you snappy with others, then regret it? Or maybe you just want to see a kinder world. If so, then Choose is for you!

Choose (Fierce) Kindness Always:

  • Starts with ourselves.
  • Is about kindness plus courage.
  • Means being thoughtful and kind in 3 areas: i) ourselves, ii) others and iii) our planet.
  • Means being strong, determined and persevering through difficulty and challenge.
  • It’s about being braver, going deeper, stretching ourselves—and taking bold action when needed.
The Big Takeaway

Choosing to be (Fiercely) Kind no matter what, is a path that leads to inner peace. It’s a habit, a practice and a commitment that while you won’t get it right all the time, will help you feel—and do—better.

Not only is it about taking care of ourselves—first, it’s also a powerful way to make the world a better place, raising the level of consciousness, energy and love on the planet.

You must be the change you wish to see in the world. Mahatma Gandhi

What CHOOSING (Fierce) Kindness always looks like

Woman with hands over heart CHOOSING Kindness Always

Choosing (Fierce) Kindness Always means you don’t get caught up in negativity and blaming—yourself or others. You feel strong, kind—and really, really good about yourself.

The Kind Part:

  • You’re kind to yourself. You pay attention to your needs and practice good self-care, so you enjoy life more.
  • You’re actively kind to others too, so people like to be around you.
  • You think about what matters and make choices that align with your values (for yourself, your family and the planet).

The Fierce Part:

  • You also have firm boundaries, saying “No” to others when you need to. You don’t allow others to take advantage of your kindness and generosity. This means you’re less overwhelmed, with fewer unnecessary obligations.
  • Lastly, you do the right thing even though it’s hard sometimes.

Core Practices for CHOOSE Kindness Always


Being kind always is a path we must consciously choose. We can always be kind, but it can be hard to know what level of kindness is needed? And who needs it—me, someone else, both?

So, when a situation arises, use the Kindometer Tool to instantly help you find the right level of kindness—always!


The ultimate act of Self-Kindness is to pay attention to your feelings, and take care of you.

So, any time you notice you’re not feeling great—it could be sad, angry, overwhelmed, rushing—take a deep breath, then ask yourself:

  • What would be the KIND thing to do right now?
  • Do I need to be FIERCELY kind with myself?
  • Now do whatever kind thing you think of—or commit to doing it later on!


Kindness can be a way of BEING, a way to approach life—and everything in it.

Are you willing to take the step to always be kind, no matter what?

My religion is very simple. My religion is kindness. Dalai Lama XIV


Do one kind act DAILY—however small. It could be for you if you need it, someone else or the planet.

Now, Get Started!

What one thing could you do that would help you always choose kindness?

What Next?Fierce Kindness Logo

You’ve now learned about all 4 Cs:

  1. C – CONNECT: Connect to yourself, others—and something bigger than yourself.
  2. C – CREATE a life you love and learn to love the life you already have…
  3. C – CONTRIBUTE. Do something (however small) to make a difference.
  4. C- CHOOSE (Fierce) Kindness always—which sits underneath everything we do.

Do you want a life of meaning? Are you willing to commit to yourself? To help make our world a better place? Well, these 4 Cs are at the heart of Fierce Kindness. I am always working towards them, and I hope you will too.