Meet the 4 Cs of Fierce Kindness!

The 4Cs of Fierce Kindness

As many of you know, Fierce Kindness has been calling to me for over a decade now.

In the beginning I used Fierce Kindness to set boundaries with others—and my inner critic. But over time, I saw that it could be a way of being that makes a difference—each of us bravely taking action to make the world a better place—with kindness.

So gradually, I’ve developed Fierce Kindness into a philosophy—the 4 Cs—that weaves kindness and courage throughout our lives, making a difference for both ourselves and in our world.

What makes Fierce Kindness different to other Personal Development Websites?

We know that personal development can sometimes be vague and hard to implement. So at Fierce Kindness we ensure our tools and resources are extremely practical. We aim to make difficult-to-understand self-help concepts accessible and doable.

But what makes Fierce Kindness really different from other personal development practices is its focus on the “bigger picture”. Rather than existing inside a bubble, Fierce Kindness is aware that:

  • The state of the world affects our well-being (how can it not?)

Finding our own way to contribute and make the world a better place (however small) is 1) important in its own right and 2) essential to help us feel good in these challenging times. And this is at the core of our 4 Cs philosophy. We believe that:

  1. Deeply connecting to ourselves is empowering! It allows us to create a life we love and gives us the self-acceptance, confidence and inner peace so many of us crave.
  2. Doing what we can to make a difference adds meaning to our lives. It also makes the world a better place.
  3. Doing all this with kindness—combined with courage or even ferocity when needed—is what our world needs now, more than ever.

Introducing the 4 Cs

The 4Cs is a philosophy and practice that’s been two decades in the making—and the culmination of everything I’ve learned. These are the 4 threads that weave through Fierce Kindness and that together help us create a happy, fulfilling and meaningful life.

The Fierce Kindness 4 Cs

The 4Cs overview:

  1. CONNECT: Connect to i) yourself, ii) others and iii) something bigger than yourself. In particular, it all stems from knowing yourself deeply—what you really want and need, who and what matters most.
  2. CREATE: Create a life you love. And at the same time, learn to love the life you already have. This helps you operate from a place of strength.
  3. CONTRIBUTE: Do something (however small) to make a difference: we find meaning and purpose when we are part of the change we wish to see.
  4. CHOOSE: And underneath it all, choose (Fierce) Kindness always. Be kind and courageous—with yourself and others.

A core part of  the Fierce Kindness philosophy is ‘starting with ourselves’

As global corporations increase in power and influence, we must each be the change we wish to see in the world.

We start with ourselves because when we’re happy / truly satisfied with our selves and lives:

  • It’s easier to be kind (to ourselves and others).
  • We’re stronger and more confident—which makes it easier to make change and stand up for what is right.
  • We naturally ‘think bigger’, helping others.
  • People want to be around us. They are more likely to see us as role models, follow our lead and listen to what we have to say (an easy way to make a difference!).
Be part of the solution!

At Fierce Kindness we help people be kinder and more courageous, taking action to create a life they love, stand up and make a difference and create a better, kinder world for all.

Learn the secrets of self-kindness & be kind to yourself—always!

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Wrap-upFierce Kindness Logo

Fierce Kindness is more than personal development (complete with practical and accessible self-help tools and resources), it’s a philosophy that fuels a bigger collective purpose.

Stay tuned as we delve into each of the 4 Cs a little deeper.

I’d love to know what you think – please share your comments below.

Change the world. Start with you!

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    • Emma-Louise Elsey

      Dear Shamini, that is wonderful to hear! I look forward to sharing more, and hope you continue to find them helpful.
      Warmly, Emma-Louise

  1. Leanne Jackson

    Love this ! I have been on a journey for myself realizing how it all comes together. The 4cs are key thankyou

    • Emma-Louise Elsey

      Dear Leanne, wonderful! And thank-you for taking the time to comment 🙂 Warmly, Emma-Louise

  2. Lynda Monk

    Hi Emma, congratulations on the creation and articulation of the 4C’s of Fierce Kindness. I love it! I just want to say that in knowing you as a friend and a colleague, I see how you live and honour these 4C’s in your own life and business in authentic and meaningful ways. You lead Fierce Kindness by example. I know this body of work and your vision for Fierce Kindness is going to make a positive difference to many and to the world we live in. With support, Lynda

    • Emma-Louise Elsey

      Hi Lynda, I thoroughly appreciate your ongoing support and enthusiasm for Fierce Kindness. Thank-you, Warmly, Emma-Louise x

  3. Parker Horton

    This is so great, Emma! The 4 C’s are exactly what we all should be implementing in our lives. These are all so important to living a happier and more fulfilling life, and to making a bigger impact on the world.

    • Emma-Louise Elsey

      Dear Parker, thank-you for taking the time to comment, and so glad you find the 4Cs useful! Warmly, Emma-Louise


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