12 Ways to Be Fiercely Kind with Yourself! (Infographic)

Fierce Kindness Infographic

February, the month of love—and kindness! Not only is February 14 Valentine’s Day, it also marks the start of Random Acts of Kindness week (14-20 Feb). Started by the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation, RAK Week has grown from small beginnings to become an event encouraging acts of kindness worldwide.

For (Random Acts of) Kindness Week

Kindness is “universal love”—a form of love that can be applied in every situation. And we could all do with more kindness. So one easy way to be ‘randomly’ kind this week is to offer heartfelt compliments to those around you.

But with this graphic, I wanted to focus on ways we can be kinder to ourselves. So below is a fun infographic with 12 Ways to be Fiercely Kind with Yourself—followed by a quick Fierce Kindness practice, if you’d like to go a little deeper.

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Here are 12 Ways to be Fiercely Kind with Yourself

12 Ways to be Fiercely Kind Infographic

Fierce Kindness LogoWrap-up + Your Fierce Kindness Practice

Your Fierce Kindness “Practice” to go Deeper

As you know, one of the core principles of Fierce Kindness is creating a deep connection with yourself. So:

  1. Consider which tip to be Fiercely Kind to yourself:
    1. Most RESONATES with you?
    2. Most UNSETTLES you?
  2. The tip that most RESONATES with you is within your comfort zone. Great!
    • How can you do more of this?
  3. And the tip that most UNSETTLES you is an area for you to “stretch” into (after all we can’t grow without discomfort).
    • Keep this tip in mind over the next week, or perhaps write it out on a post it and carry it with you.
    • Notice when this ‘unsettling’ tip applies in your life. For example: Did you just ignore your feelings, or not stand up for yourself again? Are you blaming yourself for something? What are you tolerating?
    • Lastly, what are some IDEAS you’ve been having, of changes you could make in your life around this tip – however small?

Comment below and share your favourite way to be Fiercely Kind to yourself!

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Change the world, start with you!



The 12 Ways to be Fiercely Kind with yourself:

  1. Be BOLD: live your life your way!
  2. Remember: your flaws give you style and personality!
  3. Ask yourself daily – What do I need to thrive today?
  4. Your feelings are signals. Listen to them, always!
  5. Remember: rejection proves you’re doing something courageous!
  6. Forgive yourself. Period.
  7. Say “No” when you need to: Life is too short to should on yourself.
  8. Do less and take your time. Because rushing makes everyone miserable.
  9. Stop tolerating – it’s not noble to allow things to drain you.
  10. Gather a spark team of people who think you’re awesome!
  11. Stop worrying what others think. Instead ask, “What do I think?”
  12. Stand up for yourself. If not you, then who will?


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