Access Your Inner Wisdom with this Future-Self Guided Meditation! (20 mins)

guided future self meditation of Tree reflected in lake

Future-Self Guided Meditation

As the world opens up, more people get vaccinated and things begin to shift, we can begin, gently, to look ahead. We have a way to go, and yes, things may close back down again. Yet the holidays still offer us some precious reflection time.

So, I’m sharing this 20 minute future-self guided meditation below, so you get to relax and you’ll also meet your future self, ask questions and get some inner guidance.

How to make the most of this guided meditation

Think of a couple of questions you’d like answers to before you press play. Example questions could include:

  • Following COVID, and with everything I’ve learned, what changes should I make in my life?
  • How could I be happier? More relaxed? Less overwhelmed? Enjoy life more?
  • What advice do you have for me?

Allow a total of 30 minutes, so that you have 10 minutes afterwards (have a notebook and pen ready) to write down anything important!

Lastly, use the remaining weeks of August to ponder and build on what you learn—so you’re ready for that ‘back to school’ get refocused vibe in September….

Press Play to Meet your Future Self! (Guided Meditation) *

Length: a relaxing 20 mins

Listen to this “Still Lake” Guided Meditation to meet yourself 20 years from now, ask your questions and receive a gift!

happy face icon for future self guided meditation  Enjoy this beautiful meditation! Em x

* This meditation is based on a creative visualisation script from the first edition of the book, Co-Active Coaching (1998) by Laura Whitworth, Henry Kimsey-House and Phil Sandahl.

The 4 Cs
Self-connection is important!

Connect is the first of the “4 Cs” – the four threads that run throughout the Fierce Kindness practice and philosophy.

That’s because connecting to ourselves is essential. To be truly happy in life we must find a way to be our authentic selves. And that means knowing who we are; what we want, need, our strengths, weaknesses—and what’s most important to us.

Here are the 4 Cs:

  1. CONNECT. Connect to yourself, others and something bigger than yourself. In particular get to know yourself deeply – what you really want and need, who and what matters most.
  2. CREATE a life you love – so you’re operating from a place of strength. Yet, at the same time, we must learn to love the life we already have… See a gratitude practice to love the life you already have here >>
  3. CHOOSE (Fierce) Kindness always. Be kind and courageous – with yourself and others. Learn how to always choose kindness with the Kindometer here >>
  4. CONTRIBUTE. Do something (however small) to make a difference: we find meaning and purpose when we become part of the change we wish to see.

Wrap-up Fierce Kindness Logo

Fierce Kindness is all about learning, connecting to ourselves and taking action!

So I hope you use what you learn from this future self guided meditation to take action and create a life you love!

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Image of Tree reflected in lake at night time by Bessi via Pixabay

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