5 Powerful Questions to Have Your Kindest Summer Ever! (Infographic and Printable)

Happy Dog with Duck Ring Having Kindest Summer Ever!

Summer is now in full swing for many of us (in the northern hemisphere). And in the Southern Hemisphere—the longer school holiday period and cooler temperatures give us a chance to slow down. 

This fun infographic will help you actively create a fabulously kind summer for yourself. You can click on the image below to grab your .PDF of this graphic—it’s letter-sized and also designed to be a “printable”.

Key Message: Being kind to ourselves is about finding a balance between getting the essentials done and making time for what we want to do!

To explore these ideas more deeply, read the “how to use” box below.

How to use this infographic

Go deeper with this infographic! Grab (or simply view) your .PDF of this fun infographic, then:

  • OPTION 1: Using the questions in the graphic below, choose one question to simply ponder as you go about your day in the coming week.
  • OPTION 2: Choose one question daily to journal around (allow 5-10 mins). A great time to journal is first thing in the morning, but on a work break, over lunch or before bed are also great options.
  • OPTION 3: Give yourself some precious “me” time and set aside 30 mins to journal around and answer all the questions in order.
  • OPTION 4: Meditate around any or each of the questions below. Choose one question daily and focus on it for about a minute, really feeling into it and relaxing your body. Then let go and simply do your daily meditation practice. Optionally you can write any ideas that come to you in your journal afterwards.

Finally, be sure to do something with what you learn… Don’t just think about these questions, put at least ONE of your ideas into action.

Here are the 5 Questions to Create Your Kindest Summer Ever:

Click the graphic below to get your .PDF!

Kindest Summer Ever Infographic with Happy Dog and Blue Sky

Click to get your printable .PDF!

Wrap-up Fierce Kindness Logo

Fierce Kindness is about connecting to ourselves—and taking action around what truly matters. And you matter!

Remember that nothing changes unless we do something with the information we learn…

So be sure to take the thoughts and ideas you have from answering these questions, and then use them to take action and create your kindest summer ever!

Change the world. Start with you!

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  1. Christine Willard

    Thank you for this! I needed to remind myself what I need and want in the present moment. My action step is to walk to the library this week and get a book that is simply enjoyable to me – not for professional development or self-help lol. I realized how much I miss the walk, miss choosing a book off the shelf, and curling up to read it!

    • Emma-Louise Elsey

      Hi Christine, what a lovely action! I can feel the anticipation!!! <3 Em x

  2. Kristen Dever

    Thanks for sharing this resource! I am using this for myself and with my clients 🙂

    • Emma-Louise Elsey

      Hi Kristen, so glad you found this graphic and questions helpful 🙂 Emma-Louise x


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