COVID Self-Care Checklist: How Kind are you Being to Yourself? (Updated)

We continue our month long look at love and kindness! As the pandemic continues, we thought it might be time for a self-care check-in.

So I’ve created a COVID specific self-care checklist to help us be kinder to ourselves. Now maybe you’re doing really well at self-care. And maybe there are a few areas that could benefit from a tweak – or even a boost!

Something’s got to give. Don’t let it be you.
Stever Robbins

This checklist looks at 16 core areas for your self-care. How will you do?

Grab your COVID Self-Care Checklist (.PDF) here >>

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Here’s your COVID Self-Care Checklist

Checklist Scoring and your Self-Care Actions

After scoring your checklist, simply ponder where you could improve and choose up to 3 actions to boost your self-care.

Now, when I completed the checklist I was surprised – by how high my score was. Which felt good: I must be walking my talk 😉 . BUT. If I had completed the checklist before Christmas my score would have been much lower.

So, if you have a high score like me after completing this checklist, try stretching yourself with the self-care actions you choose. For example, I’m excited to do a steep hike I haven’t done for a while (to improve my physical fitness – and test out my knee following surgery last year).

But if your score is on the lower side, make your self-care actions smaller and easier. This way you’re more likely to do them and, as your self-care improves and you feel a little better, then you can stretch yourself to bigger actions!

Fierce Kindness LogoWrap-up

So, what did you learn about yourself? What possibilities do you see for being kinder to yourself?

Were you surprised by your score, or was it as you expected? What did you learn? Comment below and share!

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