An Easy Way to Feel Good: Wear ONE Thing You Love EVERY Day!

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After last week’s fairly intense article, I thought I would write something lighter this week.

So, I’m wondering how seriously you take what you wear? How do you feel in your choice of clothing? I don’t mean physically comfortable – although that can be important, I’m talking about how relaxed you feel in your clothes. Do you LOVE what you wear?

Recently I had a small, personal realisation

A few weeks ago I had this moment where I realised wearing “nature” makes me happy! I love clothes and jewellery with nature on it. And I don’t just love it – it makes my heart sing!

  • When I put on a pair of fox socks I smile. And then I smile every time I notice them.
  • When I put on my squirrel ear-rings, I feel a brief burst of energy imagining what it’s like to be a squirrel.
  • When I put on a shirt with birds on, I feel light and free.

It could be flowers, bugs, birds, animals, trees. These all connect me to one of my passions – the natural world.

What we wear makes us feel things

The colours, patterns and even the cut of our clothes (puffed sleeves anyone?) remind us of things – and when we wear them, they can make us FEEL things.

For example when I wear stripes I feel powerful and sometimes rebellious! I think it’s because red and black stripes remind me of Beryl the Peril (a cartoon character I was nicknamed for because I used to hit the ball really hard when playing sports).

And I also have particular colours that make me happy – teal, mint green, lime green, orange and sunflower yellow. Yet I feel uncomfortable in pastels (I was a tomboy growing up, and was made to wear pink which I hated…).

What about you?

Usually we just think about how our clothes make us look:

  • Does my bum look big in this? Do my arms look saggy? Is the cut flattering (have I put on weight)?
  • Or we worry that we look too old, too young, too sexy – or not sexy enough.

Yet there’s another important angle to consider: How our clothes make us feel.

How you feel ALWAYS matters!

It’s really about honouring ourselves.

Choosing what we wear is important because it’s about connecting to – and honouring – our selves.

Yet many of us buy and put clothes on without consciously thinking about how something will make us feel

When we love what we wear, this has a positive impact:

  • We might feel confident, strong or courageous (like your interview suit/favourite date night outfit).
  • It can boost our mood and cheer us up – helping us feel happy and joyful (your best summer dress or shirt).
  • And it can calm us down (a favourite snuggly fleece or sweater).

When we feel UNcomfortable in what we’re wearing, this can negatively impact us:

  • We’re distracted so we’re less focused.
  • It affects our motivation.
  • We may avoid doing certain things or taking a risk.
  • And people experience us differently – less confident, more retiring or snippy.

So what we wear really does impact how we feel. And how we feel directly impacts our experience of daily life.

And consider this: how we feel in our clothes on any given day also affect how others will perceive and experience us! Because people notice when we’re uncomfortable – or perhaps feeling fabulous!

There are many ways to wear something you love

It doesn’t just have to be your clothes. You could feel great through what you wear with:

  • Jewellery (an amazing pair of ear-rings, statement ring or fun brooch).
  • A fabulous pair of shoes, beautiful scarf, snazzy belt or handbag.
  • Putting up your hair in an interesting way – or a great hair ornament.
  • A glamorous or funky pair of glasses.
  • A gorgeous manicure – or sparkly make-up.
  • It could even be your underwear!

Start every day feeling great!

So, here’s what I do to create an uplifting start to my day – and it also helps me embody the energy I want and need to feel for the day ahead.

Here’s how:

When choosing what to wear every morning (or before going out) check-in with yourself. Then simply ensure you wear at least one thing you love – or that makes you feel great:

  • It could be the colour, texture, style, cut or pattern.
  • It might be something that makes you feel fabulous, sexy, calm or super confident.
  • Is it something beautiful or fun that makes you smile whenever you see it?
  • And it could be that you have a positive memory associated with it.

It doesn’t matter what you love about it – or why. You simply feel good wearing it.

And it also doesn’t matter if you’re staying home – or seeing anyone. This is something we do for us – and us alone.

If you’re having a bad day, put on something really nice and maybe your inside will catch up with your outside. Judith Rizzio’s mom

Fierce Kindness LogoWrap-up

Yesterday, I wore a pair of luna moth ear-rings. Today I was gardening in my scruffs so I put on my favourite orange glasses. These just made me happy.

So, do you love what you wear? Well, here’s my challenge to you:

Wear ONE thing you LOVE or that makes you FEEL great EVERY day. No matter what!

LOVE that pastel sweater? Wear it. Feel stylish and sophisticated in your black suit? Wear it. Love big ear-rings? Butterflies? Hats? Statement socks? Animal print? Fluffy jumpers? Velvet? Beautiful scarves? Wear them! Enjoy it!

Because when we choose to wear what we love – we honour our inner selves!

And remember that every day is different, so I hope you have fun and play with this idea!

Change the world. Start with you!

PS. If you’d like to go deeper, see the golden coloured box underneath with some questions for you to ponder and explore.

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What do you feel good wearing?

One of the core principles of Fierce Kindness is creating a deep connection with yourself. And clothes are a way of expressing ourselves in the world.

To go deeper, here are 10 questions to ponder and explore your style:

  1. What colours look good on you? What colours do you love to wear?
  2. What patterns do you love? Do you like small patterns and detail or big, bold prints? What about stripes? Polka dots?
  3. What colours and patterns do you dislike?
  4. What types of clothing do you feel uncomfortable in?
  5. What colours, styles and looks don’t suit you?
  6. Do you get excited to be “on trend”? Or do you prefer classic styles?
  7. Is there a fashion era you love? Have you tried vintage?
  8. What jewellery gets you excited? Do you prefer silver or gold? Do you like it small or big? Detailed? Colourful? Geometric? Bold? Floral? Natural Materials?
  9. Importantly, which items of clothing in your wardrobe make you feel good when you have them on? Why is that?
  10. What’s your style? Do you have a “thing”: An item of clothing, accessory or style that your friends or co-workers know you for?

Style is something each of us already has, all we need to do is find it. Diane von Furstenberg

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  1. Melissa Castonguay

    Thank you for this article. I am known for my choice of shoes & socks, sparkly make-up, wearing dresses over jeans, and mis-matched patterns but with matching colors.
    I love getting dressed in the morning, because it is like putting on a costume for the day. I was given a compliment, which maybe some people would not find it complimentary, but I saw an old friend from high-school, (I am 42), and she commented on my funky footwear. She stated that since she has known me, I have always worn the greatest & most unique shoes/socks. I had not noticed up until that moment how other people notice me, (if that makes sense), I just like to wear strange shoes. Most recently, I have been wearing socks, that fold over & have lace on them, (like baby socks). I have floral shoes, plaid shoes, weird renaissance boots/sandals…etc. My white shoes need to be white, and new. I never miss an opportunity to buy shoes from the clearance rack either, for $3. Sometime those mustard mules might come in handy!
    I will wear black & white polka dots, with white & black stripes, with black & white floral print & it just goes together!
    I have a gigantic stomach, and I look 8 months pregnant all the time, even thought I am not pregnant, so i feel that most shirts are too short for my mid section, so I buy short dresses & wear them over my jeans.
    I get compliments all the time!
    I just feel gross in regular socks, regular shirts, regular whatever…I feel the need to be funky, and my husband calls me vain, however, I don’t feel like I do it for attention, I just don’t feel “normal” or like my authentic self wearing “regular” clothes. Colorful tights or nylons are also fantastic! And I tend to match all my clothes to a certain color scheme so that they all go together, in whatever combination I put them on.
    Lately, they all have this pink/orange color & some navy blue. It is super fun to me & makes my heart smile like you said. Also, I never spend more than $20 on any article of clothing. Thrift shops are great & sales & clothes from other countries as well.

    • Emma-Louise Elsey

      Hi Melissa,

      It sounds like you have a lot of fun with your outfits. And that you have a lot of personality to go with it 🙂 This article was definitely for YOU!!!

      Em xxx


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