9 Easy Ways to Bring Kindness into Everyday Life! (Infographic)

It’s World Kindness week.

And couldn’t we all do with more kindness right now? We live in a world of COVID (restrictions, financial struggles etc.), polarisation, ever-increasing issues surfacing around racism, misogyny and other forms of discrimination. Then there are the human impacts on the planet- and much, much more.

We need kindness more than ever; to ourselves, to others and our planet.

Kindness is really “universal love” – a form of love that can be applied in every situation. Sometimes that kindness is applied to you, and may even involve being fiercely kind (or kindly fierce) with someone else. And sometimes the focus is on kindness to others or the planet.

So, the graphic below is divided up into 3 areas:

  1. The first 3 ideas are about being kind to others.
  2. The second 3 ideas are about being kind to yourself.
  3. And the last set of 3 ideas are about being kind to the planet.
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Here are 9 Ways to Bring Kindness into Everyday Life:

Ways to be Kind Kindness Infographic

Which was your favourite idea to bring more kindness into the world?

  1. Did you notice that number 3 is particularly relevant during COVID, as there are long line-ups at stores and people are more stressed that usual?
  2. If you liked number 5 – taking 3 deep breaths, check out our powerful 1 minute breathing/grounding exercise here.
  3. And finally, with the holidays approaching, consider numbers 2 and 7.

Comment below – sharing your thoughts and favourite ways to be kind!

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