Get Motivated: 6 Super Ways to Energize, Refocus & Lose those Blahs

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Are you feeling de-motivated? Lacking in energy? With the pandemic continuing, you might be experiencing the blahs or have lost focus on what you want to achieve this year…

Well, the spring and fall seasons are a great opportunity to refocus and energize ourselves. And it’s often surprising how small a change can be – and still make a big difference. Small changes can be enough to give us a little excitement – but because they’re low effort and low risk are more likely to get implemented!

So, here are 6 Super Ways to Lose the Blahs, Get Energized and Refocus (plus 5 instant energizers!)

1) Review Your Goals for the Year

Give yourself 30 minutes to think about what would you LOVE to get done by the end of this year (or just the next 3 months if everything feels too up in the air).

Answer the 5 questions below to help you:

  1. What am I tolerating – and really need to change?
  2. What would make a huge difference to me? What would I love to get done?
  3. What one thing would I be disappointed, or regret, I did not complete by the end of the year?
  4. What are my Top 3 Priorities for the rest of this year? And the next 3 months?
  5. What will I do THIS coming week to get me closer to my goals?

You can also re-use our mini goal-setting 3 Month Resilience Planner to help you or try out our 25 Things to do Next Year (inspiring exercise .PDF printable for super-lite goal setting!).

Life takes on meaning when you become motivated, set goals and charge after them in an unstoppable manner. Les Brown

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Did you know you can energise yourself simply by breathing?

Specifically, when we breathe in for a longer time than we breathe out, we oxygenate our blood and literally energise ourselves: an immediate energy boost.

Here’s how:
  1. Put your hand on your belly & breathe slowly into your belly for a count of 7.
  2. Hold your breath for 3. Then breathe out for a count of 3.
  3. Repeat this for as little as a minute or two and see how you feel!

2) Stimulate Your Senses

Our senses are how we experience the world – and they constantly provide input to our brains. So one way to re-energise is to consciously give your senses (and brain) something new to experience.

What could you change up in your life? For example, think about your appearance. Could you style your hair in a new way or get some new, different to usual clothers? What about what you eat and drink? Could you try a new tea, brand of coffee, get yourself a new ‘special’ mug to drink out of? What about buying a zesty new soap for the shower, or finding a new band or radio station to listen to?

Consider each of your 5 senses and ensure each sense has something new going on:

  1. Sight
  2. Hearing
  3. Smell
  4. Taste
  5. Touch!
Instant Energiser 2

Jump in a puddle!

Water, especially when it’s cold, is incredibly refreshing. If there are no puddles near you at the moment, splash your face with cold water instead or grab a cold, wrung out flannel and wipe it over exposed areas of your skin. Braver people than me hop into a cold shower – guaranteed to energise!

But, if it’s rained recently, go find and jump into a puddle! It reminds me of being a kid, feeling naughty and not knowing exactly how wet I will get – a safe dose of spontaneity and the unknown. This excitement creates a mini surge of energy for instant uplift!

3) Lose One Self-Sabotaging Habit

Where do you sabotage yourself on a daily basis? We’re looking for a small thing (or something that’s easy to change) not a big project…

For example, I used to check email first thing and would suddenly find it was 10.30am (or even 11am) and I hadn’t started my work for the day! So now I check email at the end of the day – and only skim first thing for anything that MUST be replied to right away. And there’s rarely anything that can’t wait a few hours… Now I get my work done when I have am most vibrant rather than wasting that precious energy trudging through email!

Some questions for you to consider:

  • Where do you sabotage yourself regularly?
  • What (small or easy to change things) do you do that negatively impacts your energy, resolve, life enjoyment, sleep, time, relationships, finances, health etc?
  • What could you say “No” to?
  • What could you do differently?

There are two types of habits: ones which comfort us, and ones which would be a comfort if we stopped. Catherine Pulsifer

Instant Energiser 3

10 Star Jumps

We all know that exercise (once we get going!) is energising—and good for us.

But for a quick boost, you don’t have to go all out. Try just doing 10 “Star Jumps” on the spot. It doesn’t matter what you’re doing right now, in fact if you’re in work clothes or pajamas even better: the incongruity of it will make you laugh. Which all just adds to your energy boost…

4) Revamp Your Daily Routine

Even with Covid, consider your daily routine and shift things around a little. Shower in the morning instead of evening. Have a bath instead of a shower. Add 15 mins of meditation or yoga or exercise to your day. Go for a run first thing. Eat lunch later, dinner earlier. In short, do things differently!

To help, answer these 3 questions:

  1. What could I STOP doing?
  2. What can I CHANGE up, or change WHEN I do it?
  3. What new routine or ritual could I START?

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Instant Energiser 4


A guaranteed way to boost your energy and get refocused is to spare a few moments for a laugh. Laughing helps reduces cortisol (stress hormone) in our bloodstream, and boosts beneficial chemicals like dopamine, oxytocin and endorphins. In particular dopamine helps us with motivation and focus.

Go one better and share that laughter. Is there a cartoon or meme you love? A funny video? Share with friends or family and feel better.

Laughter really is the best medicine.

The Awkward Yeti - Back to it!

A Favourite Cartoonist: The Awkward Yeti

5) Get Fresh!

Our brains love new things. Newness stimulates and excites us, creating fresh neural pathways. So give yourself an energy boost by finding some new and fresh inspirational images or quotes and put them somewhere where you’ll see them regularly like a mirror, desk, fridge or phone. You may like these inspirational quote images here >>

Or find a new “thing” that inspires or uplifts you. Perhaps you could get yourself a fun or flowering plant or a a new trinket, tchotchke or knick knack. Again, put it somewhere you will see it often like your bedside or coffee table, the kitchen island or hallway.

For example I have a “stone plant” in a red pot I’ve named Brian and I recently gifted my step-daughter a bright pink Gerbera Daisy with cool, spiky petals.

Lastly you could simply freshen things up by moving things around your home to create a new layout. Switch the sofa and arm chair around, move the side tables and coffee table, move the dresser in your bedroom to a new spot. Then, every time you notice the change, your brain gets a little excitement!

Some questions to help you energize your home or workspace:

  • Where in your home feels drab or stale?
  • What are your favourite colours? Which colours energise you?
  • Who makes you smile or laugh? Put a fresh photo of them somewhere to remind you!
  • What animals inspire or amuse you? Do you have a “spirit” animal, or type of creature you feel super-connected to?

All of these ideas send a signal to your brain that things are happening and jazzy around here!

Instant Energiser 5

Connect with nature

Nature is all around us, even if we live in an apartment in a city. There are still plants, bugs, trees, birds – and more.

Simply step out into your yard or balcony – or look out the window. Take a deep breath, and notice the natural world already around you. What can you see? Get into the details, see the small stuff! And remember that you are a part of that nature – truly amazing and incredible!

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6) Clear the Visual Clutter

And last but not least, take 30 minutes to clear visual clutter and release any hidden tension. For example:

  • Make sure your filing and bills are done/paid and your desk or filing cabinet is clear of clutter.
  • Get rid of outdated business cards, greeting cards, takeout menus, faded images and dead plants.
  • Sort through those piles of stuff, throw out expired coupons, exercise schedules and pens that don’t work.

And hey presto, feel refreshed – and ready for action!

Consider these questions:

  1. What are you ‘tolerating’ visually in your home or workspace? (make a list)
  2. Walk around your home: What specifically drains your energy (which rooms/area or things)?
  3. What is out of date, stale, irritating in your living space?
  4. What is ‘undone’ that you’d like to be done?

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Wrap-upFierce Kindness Logo

There are many things we can do to increase our energy without leaving our home (or yard).

Sleep, exercise, healthy food may physically energise us, but if our minds are cluttered, jaded or bored it’s hard to be truly motivated.

Yet there are some surprisingly easy ways to re-energise simply by changing things up, injecting some newness or clearing away the things that irritate us.

You only lose energy when life becomes dull in your mind. Your mind gets bored and therefore tired of doing nothing… Get interested in something! Get absolutely enthralled in something! Get out of yourself! Be somebody! Do something… The more you lose yourself in something bigger than yourself, the more energy you will have. Norman Vincent Peale

Which ideas most inspired you? Share your favourite tips in the comments below!

Change the world. Start with you!

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