5 Questions to Identify Your Unique Strengths & Talents! (Printable Graphic)

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It’s really helpful—and uplifting—to know what our strengths and talents are. What do you bring to the table? What are your best qualities?

This week, we’ve created another bold graphic to help you on the journey of identifying your strengths and talents. You can click on the image below to grab your .PDF of this graphic—it’s letter-sized and also designed to be a “printable”.

Key Message: We often take our strengths for granted, not realising that we’re good at something because it’s easy or enjoyable for us.

To explore these 5 questions more deeply, read the “how to use” box below.

4 Ways to use this Graphic

You’ll need a pen and notebook or your journal to make a list of your possible strengths and talents, then:

  • OPTION 1: Using the questions in the graphic below, choose one question to simply ponder as you go about your day in the coming week. Then, at the end of the day, make a list of possible strengths.
  • OPTION 2: Choose one question daily to journal around (allow 5-10 mins). A great time to journal is first thing in the morning. And on a work break, over lunch or before bed are also great options.
  • OPTION 3: Give yourself some precious “me” time and set aside 30 mins to journal around and answer all the questions.
  • OPTION 4: Meditate around any or each of the questions below. Choose one question daily and focus on it for about a minute, really feeling into it and relaxing your body. Then let go and simply do your daily meditation practice. Then write out the strengths that come to you in your journal afterwards.

IMPORTANT: Be sure to write down what you learn about yourself… You can start with simply pondering, but to really cement the learning, write it down!

TOP TIP: If the same strengths or talents come up repeatedly on different questions that’s a great sign it’s an important and useful quality!

FINALLY: Consider how you can use these strengths more in your life—where, when and with whom?

Here are the 5 Questions to Identify Your Unique Strengths & Talents:

Click the graphic below to get your .PDF!

Graphic with 5 Strengths Questions and Strong Woman!

Wrap-up Fierce Kindness Logo

From a  young age, we’re taught to focus on our weaknesses, to improve ourselves, instead of building on our strengths. How much more enjoyable would your life be if you focused on your strengths more?

Change the world. Start with you!

Fierce Kindness is all about learning, connecting to ourselves—and taking action! Yet nothing changes in our lives (or the world) unless we do something with what we learn…

Focus on your strengths, not your weaknesses. Focus on your character, not your reputation. Focus on your blessings, not your misfortunes. Roy T. Bennett

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