7 New 2023 Holiday Gift Ideas (under $100) for Stress-Free Shopping!

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With all the craziness in the world, it’s more important than ever that we’re kind—to ourselves, others and the planet when we do our holiday gift shopping this year.

In fact the last few years I’ve spent many hours curating an ever growing list of ideas culminating in 99+ ideas in 2022. And as those ideas are still valid and useful, you’ll find an index below so you can jump to specific sections in last year’s article if you need more inspiration! Or see the full article 99+ Holiday Gift Ideas for 2022 here >>

But this year’s Kind Holiday Gift Ideas for 2023 article is short and sweet with just 7 new gift ideas (all $100 or less) to keep it simple.

The goal of this holiday gift list is to be kind to yourself, the planet and small businesses!

Be kind to:

  • Yourself by not over-spending.
  • The planet by choosing meaningful or useful gifts (that won’t end up in landfill), buying less—and choosing gifts with a lower environmental impact.
  • Smaller businesses by going direct to the manufacturer or supporting local businesses rather than huge global corporations. IDEA: Use sites like Amazon to research and maintain a wishlist, then order direct from the company or choose small or local.

Please Note:

  • Whilst the links shared are North American-centric, the gift ideas are likely available online near you. Simply make your search term as specific as possible (including the brand, make and model once you’ve decided), and you should find several local ways to buy.
  • All our book recommendations link to Bookshop.org (USA)—so you can learn more about the book—and purchase online. I am now an affiliate for Bookshop.org! It’s a great alternative to Amazon as they give money back to small booksellers—and they also have a UK site.

And if you’re looking for many more helpful gift ideas, check out the links below!

99+ Holiday Gift Ideas Index (from last year)

Here are 7 x New Holiday Gift ideas for 2023 (all under $100)

1) Govee RGBICW Smart Corner Floor Lamp

Create some atmosphere! This smart lamp has preset colour combos like Aurora, Rainbow, Ocean. It’s dimmable and can light up in time to music.

It doesn’t take up much space (7 in base and 54 inches high) and comes in black or silver.

Floor lamp with coloured light and phone app

Controlled by voice or an app on your phone, this fun floor lamp is a great gift for teenagers and adults alike.

LED lightbulbs mean it is low power usage. Use it for fun or to create a cosy atmosphere in your room.

There is a USA/Canadian/UK/European site and it’s currently on sale…

  • Cost: $59-79+

I have bought one of these floor lamps for myself and one for each nephew too!

2) Govee Smart Lightbulbs

And for a Stocking Stuffer Idea – try these smart lightbulbs!

Like the floor lamp above, these are also controlled by an app, change colours remotely. So much fun!

  • Cost: $19.99-34.99 USD  on sale (usually $25.99-$59.99)

3) Embossed Rolling Pins

I love this Sakura design from Algis Crafts. So many beautiful designs and options to make beautiful pastries and cookies!

You can find Algis Crafts on Amazon, Etsy and directly on their website here >>. And there are other brands who make these as well.

  • Cost: $20-50USD
Embossed Rolling Pin with Cookies

4) A Wooden Propagation Bud Vase

These are stylish with many varieties of shapes and sizes! They look great on a desk, nightstand, a kitchen windowsill. And whilst intended for propagation, they also make neat bud vases!

Simply search online for “plant terrarium with wooden stand” or “wooden propogation bud vase”.

  • Costs range from: $15-50 USD
Example images of wooden framed vases

5) Crazy Forts! (for kids)

Again, there are lots of brands of these available. And they are quick to put-up fort-building systems that you “just add a bedsheet” to. I would have loved one of these when younger.

I love this gift idea because it doesn’t stifle creativity. While you can get “plans” for forts, you can also just play and try different structures and see what happens!

There are bendy versions, glow in the dark ones and you can buy more than one set to make bigger forts too! Just search for “crazy fort systems” or for one brand example check out Crazy Forts here >>.

  • Cost: $50-100 USD

6) Household goods and more, made from repurposed saris!

Wow, so many beautiful and colourful options and ideas for household and out and about gifts made from repurposed saris

Colourful and guaranteed to put a smile on someone’s face during the cold and often grey wintertime.

Products include: napkins/serviettes, robe, apron, scarves, scrunchies, tote bag, yoga mat bag and many more!

Checkout all the cool household, clothing and helpful products made from repurposed saris!

  • Cost: $22-84 CAD (roughly $15-65 USD)
Various Holiday Gifts made from saris

7) How To Be More Tree: Essential Life Lessons for Perennial Happiness (Book)

I love this book! Beautifully illustrated by Annie Davidson, it contains simple wisdom for a calmer, happier life—inspired by trees.

It’s only available in hardback (or Kindle) but I think that’s perfect for a book you might pick up anytime you’re feeling a little low/overwhelmed or perhaps meditative!

It can be a little hard to get hold of, but you can learn more on Bookshop.org here.

  • Cost: $25 USD
How To Be More Tree


These 5 holiday gift ideas are intended to be help you find inexpensive, fun, original gifts for those you love.

But most importantly, be KIND to yourself, others and the planet!

  • TIP: Before spending time browsing a site and getting excited about finding the ideal gift, check FIRST that the website ships to your area/country—as well as the cost of shipping…

What were your favourite ideas? What would you add to the list? Share in the comments below!

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Remember: Change the world. Start with you!

Some final thoughts for careful online shopping:

  • If you can, use your Credit Card to shop online—many Credit Cards have buyer protection, so if something doesn’t arrive or isn’t what you expect and the seller doesn’t want to “play ball” and fix the situation you still have an opportunity to get your money back.
  • If you’re going to give gift cards to local businesses, do consider—ask even—what happens if they close and the card hasn’t been used.
  • And if you really want to get something, but you’re not sure about how reliable the store is—don’t spend more than you can afford to lose!

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