99+ Kind and Fun Online Holiday Gift Ideas for Stress-Free Shopping!

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Here’s our Kind Holiday Gift Ideas for 2022 Article! This year we’re still dealing with ongoing financial impacts due to COVID… Some people took a huge hit financially during COVID, and then there’s also a shortage of labour and materials, as well as delivery delays—which means increased costs (never mind the impact of inflation on our bank accounts).

So it’s more important than ever that we’re kind—to ourselves, others and the planet when we do our holiday gift shopping this year.

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What has Fierce Kindness got to do with Holiday Gift Ideas?
  • The goal of this holiday gift list is to be kind to the planet, yourself, and/or your community. Be kind to:
    • Yourself by not over-spending—and even considering home-made…
    • The planet by choosing meaningful gifts (that won’t end up in landfill), buying less—and choosing gifts with a lower environmental impact.
    • Your community by being a role model (and creating the world we wish to see) by supporting small/er and more local businesses rather than huge global corporations.
      • IDEA: Why not do your research and look for ideas on big sites like Amazon (using their wishlists), and then order small or local?
  • And if you’re feeling stressed or overwhelmed:
    • Start your shopping early… Given that delivery often takes longer than anyone anticipates, and given that rushing in itself is stressful, why not take your time and start now?
    • Be kind to yourself by avoiding the stress of in person holiday shopping—and shop online instead.
    • Simplify your gift buying. Be Fiercely Kind and buy fewer gifts and/or give yourself permission to worry less about finding the “ultimate” gift for loved ones.

About this list and some tips

As usual, this list is all online—shop without leaving your sofa! I’ve added some new holiday gift ideas for 2022, and there are lots of ideas to get you thinking—fun, useful or original gift ideas for your friends and loved ones. Many of the ideas below are also budget friendly.

Also, whilst most of the links I’ve included are Canadian or North American-centric, in this global age, the gift ideas are likely available online near you. Simply search online, make your search term as specific as possible (including the brand, make and model once you’ve decided), and you should find several local ways to buy.

Please Note: We have linked all our book recommendations this year to Bookshop.org (USA)—so you can learn more about the book—and purchase online. I am now an affiliate for Bookshop.org! It’s a great alternative to Amazon as they give money back to small booksellers—and they also have a UK site.

TIP: Before spending time browsing a site and getting excited about finding the ideal gift, check FIRST that the website ships to your area/country—as well as the cost of shipping…

Your 2022 Holiday Gift Ideas Index

2 x Low or No-Cost Holiday Gift Ideas 2022

    1. FREE: Create a Time with You! Gift Certificate for someone you love to have exclusive, quality time with you (a complete day or an evening is ideal). Because quality time in person with people you love is precious. Consider, what would quality time look like? A hike? A sunset with a picnic? A camping trip? Dinner with you and their favourite home-cooked meal? TIP: Add a link or a ‘call to action’ for them to book a date!
    2. LOW COST: Shop your local Charity Shop or Thrift Store. Look for the following things in great condition as low cost gifts:
      • Books and Coffee Table Books
      • Mugs
      • Glassware
      • Jewellery
      • Scarves, Hats and Gloves
      • Vases (optionally add flowers!)
      • Collectibles (what does your giftee collect?)
Home-made with Love…

5+ Holiday Gift Ideas to Make at Home

Dexter Cookies gift ideas

Homemade “Dexter” Cookies

Making something can be fun—and (depending on what it is) can also be gentler on the budget.

  1. Delicious Cookies or Treats: one year a friend gave me homemade cookies that looked like our dog Dexter! Thank-you Kristine 🙂
  2. Jams, chutneys/pickles: we love making jam and pickles. They are a fun gift that you know will be enjoyed.
  3. *NEW* Make your own liqueurs. You can do this in mason jars, and give your giftees instructions to leave it for XXX days before drinking!
  4. A home knitted scarf: if you can knit, there is still time to knit a long, super-thin rectangle and call it a scarf. There are super-cool yarns available online these days! And if you get fat knitting needles with fuzzy yarn—you’ll knit more, faster and may even get a few done in time!
  5. Make a sparkly sun or lightcatcher. Help your loved ones spread some uplifting rainbows! I’m making these for a few favoured friends.
    • Get clear fishing line, some pliers from your home toolbox, and go crazy in the bead store (remember to get one big crystal for the bottom to weight the lightcatcher and actually make the rainbows!). You’ll also need crimps—small metal rings that you clamp with pliers—to seal the end once you’ve looped through and back up through the bottom crystal. Here’s a video to help you get started.
Gift Ideas to Be Kind to You!

4 Gift Certificate/Card ideas for the ‘difficult to buy for’

WHO FOR? Use these ideas for those difficult to buy for people (and “duty” gifts).

We’ll start with the less exciting ideas. Gift cards and baskets have experienced a renaissance in the last few years. And they are a kind solution (to ourselves), especially for those difficult to buy for people on our lists.

  1. Give a gift card to your giftee’s favourite store. This could be a bookstore, cookware store etc. AND. Many local stores now offer gift certificates too, so you can support local to your giftee! What stores would your giftee like, but not usually treat themself?
  2. A gift certificate to a new, popular or favourite restaurant.
  3. Gift certificates to a local garden centre.
  4. Use a service like Moonpig (to send gifts to people in the USA, UK, Australia and now Ireland) that offers customisable cards with add-on gifts. The gifts may be fairly unoriginal—chocolates, flowers, plush toys, gift baskets. But there are fun options too, and they use quality brands.

TIP: If it’s someone you love to spend time with, make it special by adding “time with you” to your gift. This means offering to go with them to spend or use the gift certificate—and build quality time with you into their gift!

3+ Charitable Giving ideas

WHO FOR? For the person who has everything—or for activists and civic-minded people in your life.

  1. Make a donation to a charity your giftee would appreciate. For example, I’m making a donation again this year to The Vancouver Island Marmot Recovery Foundation on behalf of my husband. It’s the most endangered mammal in Canada (from clear-cutting trees in its environment). Those marmots are darned cute, and last year we went on a hike to see them in person!
  2. Many charities now offer specific packages—like a “dig a well” or a “poverty busting pig for female farmers in Rwanda”. I particularly like Oxfam unwrapped have updated their packages so there is something for every giftee’s passion! And they send a gift card to your recipient too. Some of Oxfam’s Holiday Gift Ideas in 2022 include:
    • A Safer World for Women—ending violence against women or The Future is Equal— campaigning for women’s rights
    • Thank You for Caring—dignity for carers
    • A Ray of Sunshine—giving access to renewable energy
    • Climate Justice Now—supporting youth climate activism
    • Buckets of Hope—clean water for all
    • We Are One—stronger communities
  3. Socks are one of the most under-donated, but most needed items of clothing for the homeless. Give your giftee socks from a company that offers “buy a pair/donate a pair of socks for the homeless”. Some companies that do this include Bombas, SockRocket (who donate 3 pairs for every one pair sold!) and Province of Canada

Tip: Would your giftee like to get something official from the charity you donated to (like a card telling them about the charity)? If so, check before donating.

Gift Ideas to Be Kind to the Planet

8 Gifts for the Nature Lover 2022 Gift Idea Plant Hunter's Atlas Book

  1. National Park or local garden passes. I give my parents (the world famous) Butchart Gardens annual passes! In the UK you could give someone “National Trust” Memberships.
    • Simply search for the Region or Country and “National Parks” and “Pass” (or similar) to find something local to your recipient.
  2. Nature guide books eg. a Butterfly/Bird/Flowering plant/Mushroom identification guide book that applies to the area where your giftee lives.
  3. *NEW* Gift Idea for 2022 Wildlife and Nature (Coffee Table) Books like The Plant Hunter’s Atlas which I gave my dad for his birthday this year. This (smaller than expected!) hardcover book is beautifully illustrated with over 100 artworks from the Royal Botanic Gardens archive and tells the stories of how plants travelled across the world from the Pharaohs right up to 21st century!
  4. Indoor flower or herb-growing kits.
  5. Outdoor seed sets or “complete” gardening gift sets that include gloves, trowel etc.
  6. A local walks or hikes guidebook—local to your giftee. It’s so important to spend time in nature
  7. Beautiful or unique bird feeders. Here’s a list of 23 novelty and unique bird feeders that would make great gifts
  8. Fun bird or insect houses. Mason bee homes are popular and a friend (thank-you Belinda!) gave me a ladybug house.

14+ Gifts for the Eco-Conscious Recipient

2022 Holiday Gift Ideas White Fluffy Slippers and Runners

allbirds’ Fluff Collection!

Simple search for “eco-friendly gifts”—and there are so many options. And here are a few ideas to get you started:

  1. Zero Waste Gift Boxes. There are more options than ever here! This link goes to an Etsy search with lots. of. totally. awesome. ideas for the recipient who is environmentally conscious!
  2. Upcycled Pancake & Waffle Mix. Yes, you read that right. An innovative product made from spent grain after beer production. It’s also low-carb so could be quite the talking point for your keto or foodie friends 🙂 Also upcycled, consider their
  3. I want a pair of these—allbirds—wool runners with laces recycled from plastic bottles, recycled cardboard package and carbon neutral production. They have a great returns policy and also offer gift cards.
    • *NEW* 2022 Holiday Gift Idea: I love these Fluffy Runners (see image right!) The perfect gift – cosy, soft and fluffy.
  4. Natural bath products and sets. Try the Bathapalooza Bath Bomb Set from Salt Spring Soapworks (great if you’re in Canada).
  5. How about a Vegan or Vegetarian Cookbook for the vegan, foodie, vegan-curious or simply lightening their load on the planet by eating less meat?
    • I recommend the Oh She Glows Cookbook: Over 100 Vegan Recipes to Glow from the Inside Out by Angela Liddon (it has many allergy-friendly recipes—free of soy, nuts, sugar, and more than 90 gluten-free recipes and many recipes too).
    • 2022 Holiday Gift Idea! My new favourite Vegan Recipe Book Vegan Richa’s Everyday Kitchen: Epic Anytime Recipes with a World of Flavor! I love that you can cook a large batch of super-tasty sauces, use some now and freeze some for later use!
  6. A solar power phone charger.
  7. A water bottle that infuses fruits and herbs—here’s a list of 16 Fruit Infuser Water bottles.
  8. Beautiful and/or stylish reusable shopping bags (or use these as part of the gift instead of a gift bag!).
  9. Beautiful reusable water bottles and coffee mugs (make sure it’s insulated—keeping cold drinks cold and warm drinks hot).
  10. Fun produce bags to store your vegetables.
  11. Beeswax foodwraps and lids to protect and preserve food—naturally.
  12. Beautiful or fun reusable sandwich and snack bags.
  13. Reusable straws and portable cutlery.
  14. Cool compost bins for the kitchen counter!

2022 Holiday Gift Ideas—TIPS for the Eco-Minded

  • Use a neck scarf, fun tea towel or reusable bag as your gift wrapping!
  • Get a scarf, fabric or tea towel from a charity or thrift store and use that as gift wrap!
Gifts for those who love words

9+ Ideas for the Avid Reader or Writer

  1. Buy a thoughtful book. Buying books on weird niche topics has never been so easy. Simply search book + weird niche topic. The range of books available, and the cover designs (to make them interesting and giftable) has never been better!
  2. There is always a glossy coffee table book:
    1. Good Housekeeping has a list of beautiful big books on photography, fashion, art, travel and more.
    2. In 2022 Conde Naste Traveler made a list of the best travel books of all time.
    3. And some more masculine choices from Town and Country.
    4. New York Magazine’s 48 Best Coffee Table Books to Gift (from the weird to the wonderful!)
  3. Get an autobiography or memoir of someone inspirational—whom your giftee admires.
    • New in 2022:
    • Some more ideas:
      1. For the person who loves inspiration, quotes and/or Maya Angelou: The Collected Autobiographies of Maya Angelou. All her memoirs in one book so you don’t have to buy all the books separately (and try like me to figure out in what order to read them all).
      2. For the politics hound in your life: Jody Wilson-Raybould‘s Indian in the Cabinet (link is to Goodreads review) where an indigenous Canadian politician tells her side of the story about getting ousted from cabinet.
      3. For the budding rockstar: Dave Grohl – The Storyteller (Drummer, guitarist, singer, 16-time Grammy-winning musician and 2-time Emmy-winning director, was in the band Nirvana, and started the Foo Fighters).
      4. For the rebellious teenager (or Sinead O’Connor fan): Rememberings by Sinead O’Connor. An Irish singer who used her platform to protest – shaving her head, and speaking out…
      5. For the feminist in your life: Isabel Allende’s Soul of a Woman (she chose to get divorced in her 70s)
      6. For the tennis fan and LBGTQ+2S people in your life, Billie Jean King’s All in – an Autobiography The tennis rockstar and openly lesbian professional sportsperson shares how her career
      7. Other memoirs or biographies your loved ones might find interesting include Michelle Obama, Amelia Earhart, Frida Kahlo, Nelson Mandela, Bob Dylan, Keith Richards, Stephen King, Cicely Tyson, Sharon Stone, Stanley Tucci, Katie Couric and many, many more. And consider Bahamian American Sidney Poitier’s The Measure of a Man—he died earlier this year (aged 94), and was the first black actor to receive an Academy Award.
  4. Omnibus Editions of books are great, for example Ursula K. Le Guin’s (new in 2020) complete illustrated edition of The Books of Earthsea. I gave this to my nephews for Christmas.
  5. Get a boxed set of books—that will keep them busy for a while!  Many classics have had their covers beautifully redesigned like:
    1. The pricey but gorgeous Jane Austen: The Complete Works 7-Book Boxed Set or the budget-conscious (Wordsworth Editions) of The Complete Jane Austen Collection Boxed Set
    2. What about a Tolkien boxed set?
    3. Or a Harry Potter Box Set?
    4. And lastly this set of 80 classics called the Little Black Classics Box Set.
  6. Beautiful notecards: you can even personalise them (for example here at Papier).
  7. A gorgeous journal. There are so many beautiful designs these days. Paperblanks are one of my favourite brands! Add a set of coloured pens for fun.
  8. Fun stationery. Try the Kawaii Pen Store for younger giftees, or Knock Knock for fun notepads.
  9. A beautiful luxury pen. There are so many options, and some pricey brands include Cross, Montblanc, Waterman. Lower priced pen brands include Caran D’Ache, Parker, Faber Castell and more!
    • TIP: If you buy an ink pen – consider adding a fun coloured ink or ink cartridges!
Fun and Amusing Gift Ideas

4+ Colourful and Playful Holiday Gift Ideas

Bright and colourful is uplifting especially if it’s winter where your giftee lives.Holiday Gift Idea Rainbow Wineglass Flutes

  1. Rainbows and unicorns always make me smile! Here are 3 ideas:
  2. Cute fairy lights: there are so many options for battery operated and plug in light sets to set the mood. Whether it’s bees, flowers, snowflakes, coloured light strings, lights that go in wine bottles (the battery and switch are in a fake cork that sits in the top).
    • What does your giftee love? Cats, flowers, bees, chillies? Just type in ______ fairy lights and you’ll be surprised what’s available!
  3. Oracle Cards. There are so many fun and gorgeous Oracle Cards out there now. So if you know someone who loves cards some great ideas:

    2022 Holiday Gift Ideas - Woodland Wardens Card Deck

    1. NEW for 2022: Woodland Wardens: A 52-Card Oracle Deck & Guidebook
    2. NEW for 2022: A Yogic Path Oracle Deck and Guidebook (Keepsake Box Set)
    3. Colette Baron Reid’s Spirit Animal Oracle
    4. Nature’s Whisper Oracle Cards from Angela Hartfield
    5. Cathy McLellands Star Tarot (2020 edition). Available from Amazon, from Cathy if you’re in the USA and also orderable (as I did!) from your local bookstore!
  4. For more ideas, here’s an Etsy (Canada) search for “Playful Gift Ideas
Give people a monthly delivery of happiness!

10+ Subscription Gift Ideas Holiday Gift Idea for 2022 person holding tea subscription box

Subscription boxes were all the rage during the COVID pandemic, and the ideas has stuck: give people something to look forward to—every month!

Gift Subscriptions are a pricier option—but can start as low as around $10 a month for the snacks. Here are just a few of the things you can get on subscription:

  1. Skincare and makeup like LoveGoodly for non-toxic, organic cruelty free skincare (that also gives back!).
  2. Coffee or Tea subscriptions like this one (available for 3/6/12 months).
  3. Chocolate. Subscription or “Discovery” boxes. OMG. Yes please! This list from Spruce Eats gives some great options.
  4. Sock deliveries!
  5. Wine subscriptions!
  6. Baked goods.
  7. Meal kits. These come in every cuisine imaginable!
  8. Stickers (even for adults!)
  9. Monthly Leggings!
  10. And of course there are still magazines! I get Psychology Today for current ideas and a light read.
Make it Personal

5+ Personalised Gifts… Customised Blanket

Personalised gifts have come a long ways since the early days, and you no longer need to order 100 to make it cost-effective. In addition, many smaller companies are now offering this service. Simply type in personalised ______ and you may be surprised at the range of options available.

  1. Photo gifts: personalised calendars, photo tiles, mugs. Vistaprint is great for this, but there may be other, smaller more local companies offering the same service.
  2. A set of personalised pens, so they’re never without a pen again!
  3. Personalised drinkware: glasses for your alcoholic beverage of choice—and mugs—are popular right now.
  4. Personalised notecards. For giftees who like to connect by snail mail. Try Papier for some beautiful ideas (US, Canada and UK).
  5. Personalised blankets! I LOVE this one. Uses recycled plastic and sustainably sourced wood too! Choose a favourite scene, a picture of a pet/loved one and get it printed onto a useful & snuggly blanket! (starts at $30CAD up to $90, machine washable at low temperatures). NOTE: This link is to a Canadian website.
Gifts for Cocooning at Home

7+ Cosy Home-based Gifts Holiday Gift Idea 2022 SMEG mini kettle

People love to spend time at home feeling safe and cosy. Read on…

  1. Kitchen gadgets: have you got friends or loved ones who love home baking, pasta making, home-brewing? Buy them something fun, stylish or helpful for their new hobby.
  2. Cosy-making gifts: Snuggly blankets, Warm slippers, Scented candles are always popular to cosy up at home.
  3. Cute socks. There are some incredibly cute, cosy and fun socks available out there these days! (You know when you’re a grown-up—because you enjoy getting good socks as a gift!)
  4. Luxury home retreat sets: especially natural/eco-friendly sets!
  5. Ultrasonic Scent Diffusers have moved on from the ceramic tealight-powered diffusers of old. Now you can get USB  powered ultrasonic diffusers that send out puffs of vapour and are beautifully designed (I like the wooden ones) and many have LED lights built in too! There’s even one that looks like the Moon! I have this one made from recycled bamboo that has gorgeous cutouts and cycles through 7 different colours.
  6. This adorably cute 3 cup capacity SMEG Mini Kettle.
  7. Here’s a US article with some great (mostly) small business “care package ideas“.

The Gift of Online Learning

Gift Idea Online Masterclasses with Various Teachers

There really is something for everyone and there are many online course delivery websites these days. What is your giftee interested in? Simply search for online course in _____.

TIP: Check reviews and refund policies before paying.

  • I love these Masterclasses (currently two for the price of one!). There is such a wide range of options—all covered by signing up. There are 100+ instructors (mostly famous people) to choose from, approx. 20 lessons per masterclass in nice 10 minute bite-sized chunks. Classes taught by experts like:
    • *NEW* Esther Perel (Relational Intelligence) or *NEW* John Legend (Songwriting)
    • Redefining Feminism (Various) or Margaret Atwood (Writing)
    • Helen Mirren (Acting) or Dr Jane Goodall (Conservation)
    • Massimo Bottura (Modern Italian Cooking) or Christina Aguilera (Singing)
    • Judd Apatow (Comedy) or Annie Leibovitz (Photography)
    • Also classes on Making cocktails (Mixology), Interior design, Texan BBQ cooking, Magic, Space exploration and more!
  • There are other online course providers, and more popping up by the year. Some of the most well-known for academic learning are Udemy, Coursera and edX.
Other Gift Ideas

7+ Ideas for the Pet lover Holiday Gift Idea Book Pitbull Flower Power

  1. A “Mutts” comic strip picture book by Patrick McDonnell. I really like the one he co-created with Eckhart Tolle called Guardians of Being.
  2. A Coffee Table Book: The Best Coffee Table Books for Dog Lovers.
    • I just bought Pit Bull Flower Power for my hubbie as we rescued a pitbull mix puppy this year! Against each picture is each dog’s adoption story… And there are a number of other products; calendar, cards, notebooks, blankets and more on the photographer Sophie Gamand’s website.
    • And I bought Dogs in Cars for a friend.
  3. A snuffle mat or puzzle feeding toy for dogs—and cats. These mats and toys have lots of different spaces to hide treats, and are recommended by vets and dog trainers. TIP: Make sure to get something that’s cleanable/washable!
  4. Sponsor a pet in a local animal shelter.
  5. Get a custom pet pillow/cushion (link is to Etsy search) made from a photo of your loved one’s pet!
  6. Plus pet photo blankets, mugs, socks, pictures of a beloved pet as a Star Trek character and more!
  7. Get more ideas for pet lovers from Etsy here.

3 Gift ideas for a Man (or Practical Woman)

These links are to Etsy Canada. Simply use the keywords to search online or on Etsy and find something similar.

  1. For someone who’s always losing their keys/sunglasses. A wooden stand with a spot for your watch, phone, keys, spare change and more. And most of them are personalisable too!
  2. For someone who loves to read: a customised leather bookmark.
  3. A great stocking stuffer of LED Flashlight Gloves or Flashlight Headlamp. Extremely useful!

4 Gift Ideas for the Foodie in your Life

  1. NEW in 2020: Cooking lesson/s. Search for a provider local to your giftee!
  2. A Mushroom Log! Yes, grow your own Shiitake (or Oyster/Chestnut/Reishi and other delicious mushrooms). I have done this and it is yummy—and fun! Simple search online for “shiitake (or other) mushroom log kit”.
  3. A Homemade Gin Kit. This particular kit includes glass bottles, strainer and the right herbs/botanicals for gin!
  4. The Litterless Lunch Set. A Portable and Reusable Bowl, Cup and Knife set.

6 Holiday Gift Ideas for the Teenager Holiday Gift Idea Bluetooth Beanie Hat

  1. NEW in 2020: The Headspace App: Help teenagers de-stress with Meditation and Relaxation for Sleep & Stress. Headspace is easy to use, has lots of guided meditations, stories and ways to help busy teenagers slow down and relax…
  2. A Bluetooth enabled Beanie (hat). I’m not sure how I feel about this—but I think teenagers (and the tech-obsessed) will love it! It will keep people warm, enable them to listen to music answer calls without fumbling for—and dropping—their phone in the wintertime.
  3. Customised neon signs! I would have loved one of these as a teenager! (link is to an Etsy search Canada, but you can search your country’s Etsy)
  4. A mini projector so people can stop watch their favourite shows on the wall—and not their tiny phone screens! Surprisingly affordable (depending on the brand you go for – as little as $75CAD). Just search online for “mini projector smart phone”. A couple of under $200 ideas include the Meer Portable Pico Full Color LED LCD Video Projector, the ViewSonic M1 mini and 3600L Hompow Smartphone Portable Video Projector.
  5. NEW in 2020: The book Dark Fairy Tales of Fearless Women Beautifully illustrated with woodcuts (I’d like this one too!)
  6. NEW in 2020: If they don’t already have one: A Bluetooth Speaker! Do your research and find a cool one – think colour, carry handle, waterproof/drop-proof…

4+ Gift ideas for a Family

  1. Board games. Board games have changed a lot in the last two decades. Some ideas include Settlers of Catan for teenagers, Perudo dice game for fun (and also getting better at calculating odds), CodeNames for thinking laterally and more. Here’s a list of 22 Awesome Family Board Games For Screen-Free Fun.
  2. A voucher from you for baby-sitting or picking their kids up from school or some other kind of help they might need.
  3. A music or spoken word online subscription.
    • An Audible—so the whole family can listen to a book together instead of watching a movie
    • A Spotify premium subscription—so the family can explore and share their musical tastes
    • Luminary—high end podcasts with something for everyone
  4. Rebel Girls Lead: 25 Tales of Powerful Women (inspiring changemakers)! There are many versions of this book with inspiring women like 100 Tales of Extraordinary Women, 100 Immigrant Women Who Changed the World, 100 Real-life Tales Of Black Girl Magic and more!
    • TIP: You don’t need to only read these to girls either—consider that we have been reading tales with male leads to girls for years, so why not read rebel girls books to your boys too?

5 Gift ideas that look ahead to Sunnier Times!

Looking ahead to spring/summer (or if you’re already in a warm climate/in the Southern Hemisphere). Simply search for these phrases:

  1. Lined picnic blankets. Tip: Look for one that folds up easily and has a carry handle.
  2. Picnic backpacks.
  3. Outdoor cooking tools.
  4. Useful camping gadgets.
  5. Best outdoor games.

Holiday Gift Ideas 2022: Wrap-up

These holiday gift ideas for 2022 are intended to be uplifting, hopeful, optimistic. Fewer technical gizmos, more local, homemade, handmade. Think big picture. Think learning. Think KIND to yourself, others and the planet!

What were your favourite ideas? What would you add to the list? Share in the comments below!

Some final thoughts for careful online shopping:

  • If you can, use your Credit Card to shop online—many Credit Cards have buyer protection, so if something doesn’t arrive or isn’t what you expect and the seller doesn’t want to “play ball” and fix the situation you still have an opportunity to get your money back.
  • If you’re going to give gift cards to local businesses, do consider—ask even—what happens if they close and the card hasn’t been used.
  • And if you really want to get something, but you’re not sure about how reliable the store is—don’t spend more than you can afford to lose!

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Remember: Change the world. Start with you!

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