Unleash Your Inner Dragon: Journaling Prompts to Succeed—and Develop Character!

Asian Orange and Green Dragon on Roiling Sea on Blue-Green Background

Dragons are a part of human mythology around the world. Every continent, every culture has either a dragon or a (winged) serpent myth. And of course we know that, prehistorically, several types of giant flying beasts existed like the Pteranodon which had a wingspan of up to 20ft—as well as giant water beasts and serpents. In fact our birds of today are direct descendants of  the dinosaurs.

Dragons inspire both fear—and great feats of courage and daring. And they can be both demon and healer, vicious and benevolent, stupid and wise. In short, dragons are like humans. Oh, and they can be both Fierce—and Kind too 😉

And this coming Saturday is the start of the “Wood Dragon” Year in the Chinese Lunar Calendar.

So, as we begin this Dragon Year, I’ve created some journaling prompts to help you connect with you, develop character—and inspire you to achieve great things in 2024!

When it comes to fighting for your dreams, be a dragon. Breathe fire. Richelle E. Goodrich

Here are 3 of the Top Dragon Year Themes

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  • Leadership & Challenges: there will be conflicts and disruption so good leadership is needed along with a need for forgiveness and a focus on peaceful resolution.
  • Imagination & New Ideas: lots of grounded energy and opportunities for breakthroughs and a fresh start.
  • Change, Growth & Progress: reflect, clear the clutter, get focused and create space for luck, renewal and transformation!
Journaling Prompts to Build Character in this Dragon Year of Change and Renewal!

Are you ready to embrace the Year of the Dragon?Chinese Dragon on Roiling Sea

Part 1) Reflect and Get Clear for Change, Growth & Progress

  1. What has been dormant? What needs a reboot in my life?
  2. What needs to be released or forgiven?
  3. What can I organize and tidy for maximum efficiency and effectiveness?
  4. What do I most value? What (inner) treasures do I need to guard?
  5. Where will I grow? In what areas will I focus my career or business?

Part 2) Imagination and Ideas

  1. What do I most want to achieve this year in life and my career/business?
  2. What fresh new ideas do I have?
  3. How could I enrich my life and career or business?
  4. What new tools or technologies could I embrace?
  5. How can I “ride” the dragon so that I take advantage of it’s strength and power?

Part 3) Leadership and Challenges

  1. Where can I take a leadership role in my life? What would I like to bring forth?
  2. What ideals am I striving toward?
  3. How can I maximise my character, power and charisma?
  4. What inner dragons do I need to slay?
  5. What dragon-ish qualities could I embody? (eg. fierce, courageous, vitality, wisdom, kindness, healing, rest)

Part 4) Now Take Action

  1. What are your goals for 2024?
  2. Where do I want or need support from others?
  3. Where do I need to ensure I remain grounded? Where will I need to be flexible and adaptable?
  4. What action/s will you take? (the more specific the better—it’s easier to action something super-specific)
  5. And when will you do them?

Heroes take journeys, confront dragons, and discover the treasure of their true selves. Carol S. Pearson


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I hope you enjoyed this exploration of Dragon themes and characteristics! Who said personal development couldn’t be fun?

The new “Wood” Dragon year simply gives us a focus, an opportunity and jumping-off point to look within. So take this opportunity to plan, prepare and take action—and make this year one of meaning and success.

Remember: any time we deeply connect to ourselves, we’re doing soul-work—becoming whole. Ultimately, this helps us make better decisions and take better care of ourselves. We learn to value and stand up for ourselves—and what’s important. We gain strength, creativity and feel more inspired to take action, make a difference and create a life we love.

You too can feel the magic of living a more creative, empowered, meaning-filled life. And this begins with self-knowledge—which can be as simple as answering questions in your journal.

Remember: Change the world. Start with you!

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  1. Wendy Judith

    Thank you for the phone call. It was fun to just talk and get back in touch. Let’s keep in touch.
    Also, thank you for these Wood Dragon prompts.
    (Corrie and I are Water Dragons!)
    Sending lots of love to you and to Duncan,

    • Emma-Louise Elsey

      Dear Wendy, a pleasure as always 🙂 And so glad you are enjoying the journaling prompts <3 Love Emma-Louise


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