9 Wonderful Ways to Make Life Balance a Habit! (Infographic)

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As the holidays continue – it’s important to remember to keep ‘working’ towards life balance. It’s easy for the holidays to become filled with all the things we (and others) want to do, and to reach September only to find we haven’t relaxed at all…

For life balance during the holidays, I recommend focusing on numbers 3, 4 and 6:

  • Less is better. Plan less, do less, have less. Enjoy more!
  • Pay attention to your feelings. They’ll let you know when you’re out of balance.
  • Ask yourself often: “Does this move me towards—or away from—balance in my life?”

And, of course, remember to be kind. That kindness may need to be applied to you, and it may involve being fiercely kind (or kindly fierce) with someone else eg. to say “No” (see  number 7).

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Here are 9 Ways to Create a More Balanced Life:

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Ways to Make Life Balance a Habit Infographic

Which was your favourite idea to create a life balance habit?

  1. Number 9 is particularly relevant during COVID – as we have to keep flexing (and accepting!) to take account of the latest rules and regulations.
  2. If you liked number 5 and would like to take stock of your self care, try our Self-Care Checklist: How Kind are you Being to Yourself? (Updated)
  3. And finally, if you have a lot on your plate, number 1 – to get really clear on your priorities and to ‘work’ or do first what matters most – could be super-helpful.

Comment below – with your favourite ways to maintain life balance!

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