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We all had to change how we interact with our friends during COVID. Many of us got into a rhythm and found ways to cope and maintain our friendships. We learned a lot about ourselves, who we missed spending time with—and who we perhaps benefited from seeing less…

Fierce Kindness Identify Your Spark Team Tool

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But whilst COVID might be more in the background now, there is plenty going on in the world to worry, disturb and upset us. More than ever—we need people around who spark us. People who support, inspire, encourage or help keep our spirits up.

So I’ve created a .PDF printable for you, to help you figure out who your Spark Team is! At the end of this uplifting exercise, you’ll choose 3 actions to spend more time—or deepen your relationship—with these people.

Just click the image, or link below, to download yours 🙂

Here is your Identify Your Spark Team! (.PDF printable)

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This is one of my favourite coaching exercises—super simple, yet with a powerful impact on our lives.

Because deep connection—and quality time with—people we love and enjoy is essential for us to truly be happy in life.

And tRobert Louis Stevenson Quote on Friendshiphat’s why a key component of Fierce Kindness is Connection. Connection to others offers us increased meaning, life enjoyment, support, inspiration and…

…Not only that, but positive relationships with others are hugely underrated as anti-stressors and mood boosters.

So I hope you love this worksheet!

And remember:

A friend is a gift you give yourself. Robert Louis Stevenson

Change the world. Start with you!

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