Halloween Journaling Prompts: Are you Brave Enough to Explore these Questions? (Printable .PDF)

Halloween Journaling Prompts Printable with Black Cat in Front of Moon

If you love journaling—and this halloween-y time of year—I have a treat for you this week; I had a lot of fun creating these Halloween Journaling prompts and fun printable for you!

Inspired by re-reading Women Who Run With the Wolves by the wonderful Clarissa Pinkola Estés, I’ve created a set of dark and soulful Journaling prompts with a Halloween theme.

These questions delve into parts of our pysche that are hidden, parts of ourselves we may have ‘deadened’ in order to please those around us. (I’m getting into the theme, I hope you see where this is going).

Are you ‘brave’ enough to uncover the ‘bones’ of the parts of yourself you have lost? To find the key to unlocking your soul? To ‘resurrect’ what matters most to you? If so, here’s some Halloween journaling ‘drama’ for you!

When to use these Halloween journaling prompts

The questions in this spooky printable are perfect to ponder on or around Halloween, and over the dark nights of winter. You can consider them on a walk, journal on them over coffee, a glass of wine, with friends (outside or over Zoom!).

Important: before using these prompts:

These prompts, while ‘dark’, are intended to be playful: a fun themed way to explore parts of ourselves and our lives that we’ve lost connection with, or buried. Often these are the good parts of ourselves we stuffed down to fit in.

It’s possible you may find some of the terminology upsetting eg. What are the dead and dismembered parts of yourself? If you think you might be triggered by these prompts please choose one of our other journaling exercises like these Prompts to Nourish & Strengthen. And always ask for help if you need it.

Tips to Maximise Your Journaling…

Useful things to know before you start…

These journaling prompts have a mythological, fairy tale feel to them. Some brief pointers are:

  • Doorways represent many things—a personal journey, a decision, threshold, change or transition.
  • Skulls are a way to access the powerful knowledge of our forbears and ancestors. The eyes see clearly with their ancient wisdom.
  • Bones symbolise “that which cannot be destroyed”: an indestructible force which remains, even when buried or hidden.
  • Wolves represent “pack”: community, family but also sensing, sharing, love, loyalty, courage, adaptability and fierceness…
  • Cellars, Dungeons and the “Underworld” symbolise our unconscious…

Another important tip for powerful journaling is to connect with your intuition, your gut-feelings and physical sensations. Watch for those little blips that say, “Hello. I’m here, pay attention!”, then write from this place…

Practice listening to your intuition, your inner voice; ask questions; be curious; see what you see; hear what you hear; and then act upon what you know to be true. These intuitive powers were given to your soul at birth. Clarissa Pinkola Estés, Women Who Run With the Wolves

Here are your Deep & Soulful Halloween Journaling Prompts

Printable with Hallowen Journaling Prompts

Get your Halloween Journaling Prompts .PDF Printable here >>

REMINDER: If something comes up for you while journaling—be sure to make space to ponder, feel sad (connecting to the truth can be painful but also empowers us), talk to someone or get help if needed.


Your Halloween Journaling Prompts Practice

Write freely whatever comes to mind—a word, a list, a drawing, paragraph, a conversation with yourself, a poem or something else…

Here are 3 ways to approach these prompts:

  1. Set aside an evening (or a morning—but the dark night-time will help with the theme!) for yourself.
    • Make sure you’re nice and comfortable. Warm, cosy with a drink and/or snack.
    • Answer the questions in order in your journal. Pause, ponder, feel into the questions. Give plenty of time and space for the ideas from your unconscious to bubble up.
  2. Work through the questions daily—or over the course of a weekend—one or two at a time.
    • Allow yourself at least 30 minutes or uninterrupted time.
    • Be somewhere you feel cosy and safe, whether it’s you local coffee shop, library or in your favourite room at home.
  3. Simply choose to answer the questions that appeal to you. Or if you’re feeling brave, just the questions that ‘scare’ you!

Other things you may like to ponder:

  1. Which of the journaling questions:
    • Most UNSETTLES you &
    • Most RESONATES with you?
  2. Then consider:
    • WHY do you think you were drawn to/unsettled by these questions? What else do you notice?

Lastly, remember not to judge yourself! Whatever we learn about ourselves is helpful because knowledge allows us to make change…

Wrap-upFierce Kindness Logo

Connecting with ourselves and seeing all of who we are is an important piece of the Fierce Kindness philosophy. Another important part of Fierce Kindness is to create a life we love.

So in this fun Halloween journaling practice we take a look at what may be missing in our lives, what we have cut ourselves off from—and what we might consider ‘bringing back to life’. Enjoy!

Lastly, as always, remember:

Change the world. Start with you!

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