Draw Out Your Gremlin! Coaching Tool | Meet Your Inner Critic (.PDF printable)

Person drawing their gremlin on sofa in living room

I have talked a lot about recognizing that your critic or gremlin is just a part of you that needs love. But how do we see that part? How do we recognize our critic? Well we start by personifying it—giving it a physical form and personality that we can notice and relate to.

Inner Critic Worksheet - 4 pages with a pen

Click to download your Inner Critic Worksheet

And here is a tool to help!

This powerful, yet simple .PDF printable and coaching exercise makes it easier to recognize and deal with your critic, gremlin or judge.

“Drawing Out” Your Gremlin will help you personify your critic or judge so that you can build a relationship with it. And this is the first step so your critic can begin to loosen its grip!

Just click the image or link below to download your tool:

Click here for your “Draw Out Your Gremlin” Tool! (.PDF printable)


Acknowledging our gremlin—or inner critic—brings shape and a greater awareness to that critical or judging element within us. And this is what allows us to make changes and do things differently.

I hope you love this worksheet! Let us know how you got on in the comments below 🙂

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