Earth Day Series 5) Why Kindness to Yourself Matters…

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This article wraps up the Earth Day follow-on series. And it’s especially for those of you who rush around, always taking care of everyone else…

A Surprising Fiercely Kind Idea…

Saving the planet is great. And yes, we can all do something. And of course we can all do more, but if you are always rushing around helping others:

Your first step towards making the world a better place might be to take better care of you! 

How does taking care of you save the planet?Earth Day Affirmation

Well, we all know that when we take care of ourselves, we’re happier. When we’re happier we’re kinder to ourselves—and others. So, consider that:

  1. When we’re exhausted or desperately need self-care we tend to choose options which are fastest/easiest—but not necessarily best for the planet.
  2. Your mood and energy has a direct knock-on effect on everyone around you—your kids/partner/co-workers/friends etc. And how we behave impacts how others feel and the decisions they make.
  3. Lastly, people look to you (especially if you help others) for how to be in the world: whether you/they are consciously aware of it or not, you’re a role model.

So, taking care of you not only helps you make better choices for the planet, but it helps others too.

Below are 5 really easy ways for you to be kind to yourself and that also role models a better way to be for others…

5 Easy Ways to be Kind to Yourself and Role Model a New Way to BeEarth Day Quote 4

1) Be Kind Always

Use the Kindometer to practice different ways to #BeKindAlways.

  • Take this idea one step further: Share the Kindometer with others.

2) Learn to both give and receive help

This is hard for so many of us: we like to help others, yet we feel bad, weak or guilty about accepting help from others.

Consider this: If it feels good and life affirming to help others, you could argue that denying other people the opportunity to help you is selfish…

  • Take this idea one step further: Go beyond just accepting the help that’s offered—be brave enough to ask for the help you need…

3) Slow down and be more mindful

Slowing down and being more mindful of your feelings, energy and thoughts is the first step towards true self-care.

  • Take this idea one step further: Learn to meditate. This will help you slow down, notice your patterns and improve your ability to be mindful.

4) Stop multi-tasking and do just one thing at a time

  • Take this idea one step further: Take a PAUSE in between ending one task/activity and starting another. This could be as simple as taking 3 deep breaths (or 3-5 minutes!) and connecting with yourself: What do you notice? What do you feel? And what do you need?

5) Spend more time in natureEarth Day Quote 5

Nature is all around us (even in cities). Leave your devices behind and go for a walk, sit in a park or on the grass, hug a tree, climb a mountain, go to the lake/beach. Listen. Notice the small things. And notice that you belong—and are a part of nature

Wrap-upFierce Kindness Logo

Does it help to think that kindness to yourself is a tool for planetary change?

Does it help you to consider that your self-care encourages others to do the same so we all make better choices?

At Fierce Kindness we believe that kindness is the change the world needs. And changing the world starts with kindness to ourselves. That’s why we say:

Change the world. Start with you!

You are needed. You may only be one of 7 billion people, but you are an influence on many, many people around you.

And what you do, matters. So will you choose to be kinder to yourself?

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These are all ways you contribute and help make the world a better place:

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