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Kind, wonderful people! It’s time for our second bi-monthly feature: a collection of inspiration, insightful and useful things from around the web including poetry, kindness, some humour, articles, things to watch and an uplifting new quote graphic!

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In this article you’ll find:

A Poem about RageAngry Woman

I loved this 8 line poem by Nayyirah Waheed. It starts:

do you think
calling me ‘angry’
is an insult…

This poem then leads into an article and discussion about the politics of rage. It’s an interesting read—that also applies to any of us who feel justified anger (and where other people would rather we did not!)

Kindness—in the Workplace?!

You’ve probably heard of “the great resignation” as many people leave the office workplace altogether, forging new ways of living and being. But have you wondered why? Yes, in part it’s likely caused by various COVID factors. AND. A a new survey shows that 18-29 year olds want to work for employers who actually care about… wait for it… Kindness and their mental health!

See a quick overview (and/or get the full) survey here >>

This survey was conducted by Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation in conjunction with Indeed, the so-called world’s number one job site.

A Thought-Provoking Documentary

White Hot: The Rise & Fall of Abercrombie & FitchWhite Hot Documentary Poster

This is on my watch next list. It sounds super-interesting: an insight into one of the most stylish and heavily stylised and managed clothing and lifestyle brands out there.

If you didn’t know, A&F use gorgeous models to pose outside their stores and wear the A&F “signature” scent to make people believe it’s what the “cool” people wear—and therefore entice people to shop.

But that’s not what this is about… This documentary is instead about how people of colour were deliberately excluded and minimised as part of a purposeful corporate strategy. (Thank-you Marcus for the recommendation!)

Learn more and watch the trailer on IMDb here >> (documentary is 1h 28m on Netflix)

3 x Inspiring and Interesting Articles

1) Travel as Self-Care?

Marcia DeSanctis is the author of the book, A Hard Place to Leave: Stories from a Restless Life (Travelers’ Tales). She is also the interviewee for these solo travel ideas—and tips. She says:

“Solo travel is a very proactive gesture that declares: I am taking care of myself now. Very often, we are so needed and our time is so in-demand, that I find it liberating to be in a place where no one needs me—and I, in turn, need only myself.”

PS. I think these tips and ideas apply to men too, it’s just that as women travelling alone we need to be so much more careful…

2) Guilt Free Pleasure Ideas!

OK, so we just talked about travel which often means flying… And I bet concern about the environment or rampant consumerism has (at some point) made you feel guilty about the things you enjoy or want to do. If so, this might be the article for you:

3) On a More Serious Note. Did you know…

…that flight attendants on US Airlines are NOT paid during flight boarding? Could that BE more ridiculous? Perhaps those naughty flight attendants are having too much fun and therefore don’t deserve compensation???

Art “on the Spectrum”From Article Art on the Spectrum

Four young people on the autism spectrum share how they would like to be seen with a self-portrait, and what they would like others to know. It’s a short light read, and if someone in your life is “on the spectrum” this might give you some interesting insights:

Some fun and laughter

The Comedy Wildlife Photography AwardsRude Turtle!

Yes, you read that correctly! So, if you need a smile here’s a link to the:

Maybe just because I LOVE this turtle 🙂

Who are The Linda Lindas?

The Linda Lindas Playing

I challenge you not to smile at their young enthusiasm and passion in this:

From their website: “Half Asian and half Latinx. Two sisters, a cousin, and their close friend. The Linda Lindas channel the spirit of original punk, power pop, and new wave through today’s ears, eyes, and minds. Mila (11), Eloise (13), Lucia (14), and Bela (17)”

As someone who is a rocker at heart (did you know that about me?!), it’s so refreshing to have girls doing punk. I get tired of the misogyny, sexism and sexual objectification of women in this genre, and there are some bands I won’t listen to as a result.

But The Linda Lindas, well you had me at teenage girl punk band!

Click to see/save full-size image

Lastly, this month’s beautiful & uplifting quote

Mae C. Jemison is an American engineer, physician, and former NASA astronaut. She was also was the first black woman to travel into space…

Never be limited by other people’s limited imaginations. Mae Jemison


Inspiration (and out/rage) sparks our energy, fire and creativity. It helps us take action to create the life we want, grow our careers/businesses and  change our world.Fierce Kindness Logo

So, what did you make of this month’s collection of inspirations and ideas?

And more importantly: What does it make you want to go and do?

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