9 Journal Prompts to Uplift & Freshen Up Your Life! (Infographic)

Image of Journal Prompts Infographic to Refresh Your Life with Yellow Flower

In the recent survey (still open here) people said they wanted tools for self-kindness, resilience, to feel better in spite of what’s going on in the world and a couple of you even said you wanted flowers, so: “Ta Da!”

We created this beautiful new infographic with 9 journal prompts to refresh and uplift you, boost resilience and be kind to yourself. Plus, flowers!

This infographic has easy list-making journal prompts to get your brain searching for—and then writing out—how we feel about our lives and what we can do about it. This a great way to both uplift our outlook and build resilience: we must acknowledge the truth before we can take action…

And to go even deeper, there’s a Fierce Kindness practice at the end of this article.

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These questions/journal prompts are super easy to do—whether you think you have time or not, and whether you’ve journaled before or not. Simply put pen to paper and start making a list—and share with anyone you think might need a boost.

Here is your Refreshing Infographic with 9 Journal Prompts!

Refresh Your Life Journal Prompts Infographic with Yellow Flower and Blue Butterfly

Wrap-up + A Fierce Kindness Practice

Fierce Kindness LogoA Fierce Kindness “Practice” to go Deeper

As you know, one of the core principles of Fierce Kindness is creating a deep connection with yourself. So:

  1. Which question in the refreshing journaling prompts infographic above:
    1. Most RESONATES with you?
    2. Most UNSETTLES you?
  2. The journal prompt that most APPEALS or RESONATES with you is within your comfort zone. Great!
    • How can you do more of (or clear your plate of) these things?
  3. And the question that most UNSETTLES you is an area for you to “stretch” into (because we can’t grow without discomfort).
    • To go even deeper, keep this question in mind over the next week, or perhaps write it out on a post it and carry it with you.
    • Then notice when this ‘unsettling’ question comes up in your life. For example: Are you craving excitement in your life, but scared about what that means? Do you wish you could just wave a magic wand but think it’s childish or impossible? Would you rather not think too hard about the relationships in your life?
    • Lastly, what are some IDEAS you’ve been having, of changes you could make in your life around this question—however small? Because we don’t need to start with a bang… Instead, small and steady wins the race. So, what is one teeny tiny thing you could get started with?

Comment below and share your ideas to Refresh your Life!

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