10 Practical Ways to Help You Get Focused (Infographic)

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All that back-to-school and work energy in September is now behind us, and we’re into the last quarter of the year. The rest of 2022 will go by fast and there’s limited time to work on our goals and finish projects. So we created this new focus infographic with practical, fiercely kind tips to help you get focused!

Some quick thoughts on focus…

Focus is a challenge for many people, and something we all struggle with from time to time—whether it’s outside distractions, big life changes, too many choices, feeling super-tired or simply too many commitments.

And we don’t have much control over how focused we feel: we’re either in a good state of focus and flow—or we’re not.

But we do have control over our distractions. And there are things we can do to reduce distractions in our environment, as well as reduce our distractibility.

So check out this beautiful new focus infographic with 10 great ideas to help! Plus, as always, there’s a Fierce Kindness practice to go deeper at the end of this article.

Here’s your Focus Infographic with 10 Fiercely Kind Strategies!

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Infographic with 10 Ways to help you Get Focused!

Wrap-up + A Fierce Kindness Practice

Fierce Kindness LogoA Fierce Kindness Practice to go Deeper

As you know, one of the core principles of Fierce Kindness is creating a deep connection with yourself. So:

  1. Consider which tip in the focus infographic above:
    1. Most RESONATES with you?
    2. Most UNSETTLES you?
  2. The tip that most RESONATES with you is within your comfort zone. Great!
    • How can you do more of this?
  3. And the tip that most UNSETTLES you is an area for you to “stretch” into (after all we can’t grow without discomfort).
    • To go even deeper, keep this particular tip in mind over the next week, or perhaps write it out on a post it and carry it with you.
    • Then notice when this ‘unsettling’ tip applies in your life. For example: Do you find it hard to say no to others? Avoid being disciplined and firm with yourself? Have a messy environment? Are you super-clear/have you written out your top priorities and embedded them deeply in your mind?
    • Lastly, what are some IDEAS you’ve been having, of changes you could make in your life around this tip—however small?

What do you do that works? Comment and share your focus-boosting tips!

Love this focus infographic and want more ideas get focused? Try:

Change the world. Start with you!


    • Emma-Louise Elsey

      Hi Elaine! So glad you love it <3 It's so fun to create these infographics, and it's lovely to hear they are useful 🙂
      Love Emma-Louise x


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