30 Random Acts of Kindness Ideas – for Kindness Week and Beyond!

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Random Acts of Kindness (RAK) Week happens every year, centered around Valentine’s Day. It’s a beautiful initiative, reminding us all of the value of kindness, especially spontaneous acts. Below is a quick and easy list of Random Acts of Kindness Ideas for you to explore, as well as 4 areas to consider and a simple framework.

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4 Key Areas where you can be Kind

To help you with Random Acts of Kindness Ideas, there are 4 areas of life where you can take action. Consider being kind towards:

  1. Yourself (Yes! This counts).
  2. Other people (whom you may know—or not know).
  3. Your community or humankind.
  4. Your environment or the planet.

But most importantly—have fun! RAK Week should not feel like an obligation. If it does, your first randomly kind act could be giving yourself permission NOT to participate!

However, if you’d like some Random Acts of Kindness Ideas, here’s a super-simple framework.

4 Step RAK Week Framework

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  • STEP 1: CHOOSE 3 Random Acts of Kindness to do in the next week.
  • STEP 2: DO them
  • STEP 3: Notice how you FEEL afterwards.
  • STEP 4: ENJOY that feeling, knowing that you just made the world a better place.

OPTIONAL: Before you start, get a group of friends, colleagues or family together, and agree that you will ALL take part in Random Acts of Kindness Week!

Here are Your Random Acts of Kindness Ideas

30 Random Acts of Kindness Ideas for You!
  1. Give a warm smile and genuinely thank people who work in service to others; healthcare workers, teachers, serving staff in restaurants/cafes, exercise class leaders. Remember people you may take for granted like grocery clerks, cleaners, bus and delivery drivers.
  2. Spend a day responding with kindness to everyone you meet. No matter what! TIP: You may need to use some Fierce Kindness at some point, or to be kind to yourself with a challenging person. Learn more about the different kindness levels with the Kindometer here.
  3. Make a surprise donation to your local food bank or another grassroots local charity.
  4. Plant a tree.
  5. Write a note to someone telling them why you think their business (or the work they do) is amazing.
  6. Don’t blame or complain about anything or anyone—for a whole day! TIP: When you notice yourself doing it, simply stop. You can say something like: “Not today, thank-you!”.
  7. Stop and see/talk to a homeless person on the street. Ask them how they’re doing today.
  8. Write a thank-you card to someone who’s helped you. Let them know you’re grateful for their support.
  9. Call an elderly friend or neighbour or someone who is having a hard time.
  10. Run an errand for someone!
  11. Buy some flowers or a potted plant for a friend or neighbour.
  12. Let someone merge into traffic—or take that parking space—with grace.
  13. Randomly pay for someone’s parking or road toll.
  14. Go vegetarian or vegan for a day!
  15. Give someone your full attention. Listen truly and deeply, without thinking what you’ll say next or what it means for you. Remember: “Being heard is so close to being loved that for the average person, they are almost indistinguishable.” David W. Augsburger
  16. Email a colleague and let them know how awesome they are. Get specific with examples if you can.
  17. Top up an expired parking meter.
  18. Help someone who is busy or feeling overwhelmed. Ask “How can I support you today?”
  19. Take the afternoon off and do whatever YOU fancy!
  20. Leave a glowing comment on someone’s blog. Or write a glowing review for that restaurant or business you love.
  21. Give blood.
  22. Hold the door open for someone. Make eye contact and see that person, with a genuine smile for their humanity.
  23. Try not criticising YOURSELF, for a whole day. TIP: This one can be challenging, so you could start by telling your critic that’s what you’re doing today. Then every time it starts up, simply hold your hand up in a “Stop” signal, saying something like, “Remember? We’re trying no criticism today!” or “Stop. Nuh uh. You can start up again tomorrow! LOL.”
  24. Give yourself full permission to say “No” for a day. If you don’t want to do it, don’t.
  25. Pick up any garbage you see around you. TIP: Carry some gloves and a bag in your pocket for the day for safety and cleanliness.
  26. Pay someone a thoughtful compliment.
  27. Randomly pay for someone’s coffee or lunch. Or leave an extra generous tip!
  28. Do something to make amends with someone you have wronged. TIP: Do this with no expectations of them—or yourself.
  29. Make a Music Playlist for someone. TIP: What do they need right now? Then create that playlist for them. Two easy options are Youtube or Spotify.
  30. Leave a nice note on a friend’s car. (I have a friend that does this for me, and it always lifts my spirits. Thank-you Belinda!)

Which Random Acts of Kindness ideas do you like? What would you add to this list? Tell us by commenting below!

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