Take an Airplane Day and Get Your Important Stuff Done!

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We all have those important things to do that we just never seem to find the time to get done. And we all know we can take a “Duvet Day” to stay home and rest. But what if we gave ourselves an “Airplane Day” to stay home and get things done?

Although air travel has changed a lot over the last two decades, one thing I still enjoy about being on a plane is that once I’m in the air I’m free from all obligations. I may be strapped and wedged in to my seat, but there’s nothing I have to do. No life distractions. And I often use this time to think, plan or journal.

So, what is an Airplane Day?

An Airplane Day is a day to work on your important projects or get all those annoying little things done. It’s a distraction and commitment-free day for you to complete what really matters.

It could be personal goal-setting, updating your resume, repairs, completing a home project, doing lots of niggly little things—or perhaps even something creative.

Question: What do you really want to get done—but never seem to get around to?

Well, an Airplane Day may be just what you need.

Imagine that you’re on an airplane. You can only do what’s right in front of you. You’re uncontactable! You can’t run errands for anyone else, and your choices and distractions are limited. And if someone does get through you have the perfect excuse to say “No”.

And you can make it a healthy habit too!

Clearing things off your to-do list—and getting them off your mind—is good for you. So why not have a regular “Airplane Day” once a month or once a quarter? Simply book them in your calendar throughout the year.

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Here are 9 Tips to make your Airplane Day as productive as possible!

  1. Block out your Airplane Day in your calendar—in advance. Clear the whole day.
    • Top Tip: Consider putting time in your calendar for preparation the night before. And if necessary, allow time the following day to catch up.
  2. Say “No” to—or Defer—ALL meetings, appointments and obligations for that day.
  3. NO email, text messages etc. until the END of the day—or nothing at all until the next day if you can.

    • Imagine you’re travelling for the day. You simply check your email last thing the previous day, and then the morning after your Airplane Day.
    • Top Tip: If you have to check your email, set specific time aside just before lunch when you’ll be stopping anyway, and (only!) deal with what’s urgent.
  4. NO Social Media. That means no Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, TikTok etc.
    Tip: If social media is necessary (eg. you run a business), set your posts up in advance and like email, ONLY do a quick check for anything urgent just before lunch.
  5. NO internet unless it’s to work on a task you want to get done on your Airplane Day.
  6. Organize yourself the night before. Get out folders, notebooks, paintbrushes or whatever you need, and put them out so you’re ready to get started right away.
  7. Decide what you’re having for lunch and snacks and have them on hand.
    • Remember that on the Airplane, lunch and snacks are brought round—all you have to do is sit and eat them.
    • Top Tip: It’s great to have your favourite foods/snacks/teas/coffee available!
  8. Keep your lunch short and focused. Aim for 30 minutes to maximise the time you have to get those important things done.
  9. So just ONE thing at a time.
    • Top Tip: If you’re working on projects that need a device, close down anything you’re not using. This means all the apps, browsers and windows on your computer or smartphone. And close down anything you’re not using any more as soon as you’re finished with them.

Can’t take a whole Airplane Day?

Maybe taking a whole day just doesn’t work for you—perhaps you have children that need picking up/dropping off from school/activities or other caregiving commitments.

Yes, you can…

Maybe it’s a local flight instead of long haul!

So instead, create an “Airplane half-day” or an “Airplane evening” or even an “Airplane hour”.


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An Airplane Day is an act of self-care. It is kind to give yourself the time and space to be productive and focused—and take care of the things that matter to you!

Clear blue skies await you: just imagine how awesome it’ll feel to have those niggling tasks off your list…

Tell us in the comments what you would use YOUR Airplane Day for…

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