The 4 Cs – Connect to Yourself

Future Self Guided Meditation

Press Play to Meet your Future Self! (Guided Meditation)*

Listen to this “Still Lake” Guided Meditation to meet yourself 20 years from now, ask any questions you have and receive a gift! (a relaxing 20 mins)

  Enjoy this relaxing meditation! Love, Emma-Louise

* This meditation is based on a creative visualisation script from the first edition of the book, Co-Active Coaching (1998) by Laura Whitworth, Henry Kimsey-House and Phil Sandahl.

The 4 Cs Begin with Connect
  1. CONNECT. Connect to yourself, others & something bigger than yourself. In particular get to know yourself deeply – what you really want and need, who and what matters most.
  2. CREATE a life you love – so you’re operating from a place of strength. Yet, at the same time, learning to love the life you already have… Click here for a gratitude practice to love the life you already have >>
  3. CHOOSE (Fierce) Kindness always. Be kind and courageous – with yourself and others. Click here to learn how to always choose kindness with the Kindometer >>
  4. CONTRIBUTE. Do something (however small) to make a difference: we find meaning and purpose when we become part of the change we wish to see. Click here # simple ways to make a small difference >>
The 4 Cs