What is the Inner Critic? And What to Do When You’re Under Attack!

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…this article: What is the Inner Critic? What Should I Do About My Critic? Why we need a Variety of Techniques and Strategies The 7 Step Inner Critic Attack (ICAN) Process Summary & Recap Questions to Ponder Wrap-up So, what is the Inner Critic? Your inner critic is an inner

Silencing Your Inner Critic | 5 Quick Fixes for When You Have No Time!

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…will help! In this article: Inner Critic Recap Stop Identifying with your Inner Critic 5 Quick Fixes for Silencing Your Inner Critic —Fast The Trick, the Hard Part and Questions to Ponder Wrap-up This is the fourth in a series of inner critic articles. In previous articles we covered that…

The Surprising Solution to Tame Your Inner Critic (That Actually Works)

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A Fun Tool: Send Your Inner Critic on a Vacation!

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…it for a month, and then when your inner critic gets back from vacation you can have a big chat about what’s next… If you liked this article with how to send your inner critic on a vacation, try: An Introduction to My Inner Critic—And Possibly Yours Too… 5 (more)…

Who, What & Why: A New Understanding of Your Inner Critic!

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…this series of inner critic articles, the Inner Critic is WHY Fierce Kindness Exists. In this article: How the Inner Critic is formed? The feelings rollercoaster… The Inner Critic—a recipe to ‘fit in’ The role and hidden cost of shame What parts of your ‘self’ have you lost? A quick…


…to perfection and caused anxiety and stress. And despite moving half-way around the world my critic followed me: wherever you go, there you are… Slowly, I learned that the answer to managing stress, anxiety, and the inner critic is not to stuff it down, ignore or override it. Instead I…